As the last sun of 2017 has set and our journey of 2018 has begun I take the opportunity to look back and pick some posts on earnings of bloggers and freelancers around the world which have made me realize that I’ve correctly chosen my path of being a blogger/ freelancer in life.

These posts have made it amply clear to me that one can earn handsome money with on line writing provided she/ he puts in time, effort and common sense in these skills.

Do you know a person who started blogging and then called it quits? Perhaps, yes. This is quite commonplace. According to a 2013 post in fevered mutterings website, about 95% of the new bloggers quit blogging very soon.

Though it’s 2018 now, a big chunk of the blogging world is still the same.

Why does it happen?

Very simple.

For the writer was not rewarded adequately.

Most often, the cause is the need for money. Blogging involves some expenditure. You need to buy a domain, a hosting and sometimes-SEO services, plugins etc. So how will your motor vroom without fuel?

That’s why I thought it would be appropriate to create a post on earnings of bloggers that would fuel all the bloggers who are on the edge of quitting and will serve to bring them back on track.

These success stories provide you the proof of people who have quit their day jobs and gone on to become mega-buck bloggers.

And Every On Line Writer Needs This

Leave aside the babies in writing, even well established bloggers, at times, run out of steam. Even big freelancers seek inspiration to stay on. Earning is the ultimate fuel. Without this you cannot keep your belly-fire burning.

A freelancer or blogger always needs to continually extract quality work from herself. That’s why unless you start earning enough- continue earning hefty- dream of earning beyond limits, you can’t afford to write with interest.

What’s Covered?

Here, I have picked up 10 amazing blog posts from 2016 and 2017 in terms of earnings of bloggers and freelancers. These blog posts are full of surprise elements, motivational case studies and most importantly, the call-to action gusto.

Each of these will shock you with pleasure. You can use each of them to learn something new and earn more. This list isn’t based on the biggest earning something. The purpose of this list is to wake you up to the possibilities hidden in the profession so you’ll actually know on line writing is a lucrative field. 

The achievements are real and give you a “Why can’t I?” sort of feeling. The achievers are real people, ordinary people like you and me and yet have risen above the horizon through effort and conviction. And you can’t say, “That used to happen earlier.”

It has all happened in the last two years.

Since renowned bloggers have penned these posts packaging them with their actual experiences no one can doubt the veracity of these news items.  Hats off to the great bloggers!

I have selected my number one through number ten-but I request- don’t underestimate any of these posts by its ranking- each of these has some gems hidden underneath. The list begins and ends in reverse order to preserve the suspense till the end:

10. Richard Rowlands

The link to the post is here:

How I made $ 3558 in My First Month as a Full-Time Freelance Writer

Richard’s narration of his earning of $3558 in his very first month as a full time freelance writer is really amazing. His voyage from a struggling to a fast-buck-freelance-writer makes you read it with held-up breath and yet, looks doable.

Why this post? Richard was a new freelancer and yet he dared to do things like contacting Huffington Post and taking a course like the one of Onibalusi’s to upgrade his own skills.

A newbie often develops complexes and doesn’t stretch her efforts to where she could have. This makes the post irresistible.

Special Element: Though Richard speaks in favour of taking a course and learning the skills yet he provides many of the things in the post itself. You get few cold pitch samples, some useful site addresses and many tips here. All in all, a very valuable post.

9. Carol Tice

Inside 4 New Content Mills : What Freelancers Need to Know

This is from the blog make a living writing of Carol Tice.

This post is a real eye opener in many respects. Hither to, writing for content mills was hardly assumed as a prestigious writing platform for the real big-league-bloggers. It was rather viewed as a compulsion meant for newbie writers. But you’re making a mistake bro!

Though we can’t say at this stage that it has all changed, yet the process of change has set in. If you don’t believe this, read this terrific post by Carol where she explains how she read stories of earnings of bloggers and freelancers up to $400-$500 per post.

These on line writers achieved this by writing for content mills like eByline, skyword and Hubspot and Carol also achieved the same by writing for Clearvoice.

So, make no mistake if you like writing for content mills. The only hardship you’ve to make is to find out the right content mills which pay you your rightful remuneration.

Why this post? I chose this post above others because it rejected a myth and informed us about the changing reality- it told us something new- to not go by tradition and look for newer possibilities.

Special Element Carol has composed the article giving lots of examples and has also cited the names of bloggers, quoting per word and per post rates earned by them. This shows the amount of effort and research the writer has put in. Hats off Carol!

 8. Katie Cline

The post is: 7 Easy Steps For How To Become a Freelance Writer

This post on Scott Allan Turner blog by Katie Cline steals your heart from the word go. The writer starts with an impact, processes the case of how to become a freelance writer with down-to-earth, attainable ways and ends with the reader jumping to start.

Why this post? The writer has a goal. She starts by letting you set up an achievable, yet lucrative goal. Once you are done, she tells you what to do and how to do. In the process, you, the reader, seem to be building up your case.

Nonetheless, she keeps her vision pinned on the earning methods, goals and wayouts.

Special element: You are mesmerized by the cover pic and start with the spirit of quitting 9 to 5, which is my favourite subject (Though I haven’t yet been able to quit..ha…ha…ha).

Whereas most of the blog posts focus on a single or at the most some more aspects of freelance writing, this post quickly encompasses everything you need to break into the freelance world.


7. Holly Jhonson

Read the post by Holly Jhonson here: Cha-Ching! Here’s How This Freelance Writer Made Six Figures in 2016

On the website ‘The Write Life’ Holly Johnson has narrated a gripping story of how she managed to quit her 9 to 5 day job to live life in true sense.

If you still think that freelancing and blogging are side hustles you’re hugely mistaken. Read this article and you start feeling online writing is not only a living in itself but also a rich living. Realize this soon. Quit your day job next. Then enjoy life.

Holly also gives 5 tips to build an awesome freelance course.

Why this post? How the writer struggled and how  she carved out a different and pleasant living, that of her own accord and will, really makes this story unique and hence the selection.

Special Element The achiever doesn’t only earn a ‘somehow’ sort of living but also earns big and huge. The 2016 kitty has been intimated as $ 270,000- not a joke. So, are you afraid of putting in some real hard work?

6. Sujan Patel

The post: How To Make Six Figures As A Freelancer And Still Have A Life

This is a Forbes post by Sujan Patel where the writer makes tough things look easy. Interestingly, Sujan breaks down $100,000 per year to $273 a day and suddenly an uphill task starts appearing possible,

Hurrah!! that’s the magic of the writer. And he goes on to say that it can be achieved without a total burn out.

He goes on to discuss how you can convert this tough feet into reality. You have to minimize the time required to find jobs and this perhaps can be done by specializing in your skill and increasing your rates.

For this, he emphasizes, you could resort to accepting recurring works from same or similar sources.

Why This Post? Sujan first precisely defines your goal quantitatively and then prescribes you an exact methodology to achieve the same. That makes it a great step by step call-to-action post.

Special Element: Here Sujan successfully accomplishes the task of discarding any complexes you might have developed in your writing journey. When you go through his article you feel any damn feet is within your reach.

Pin point the problems, focus for more efficiency and six figures will be yesterday’s matter.

5. Amy Morin 

The post: How I Turned A $15 Article Into A 7-Figure Income

Amy tells us in the course of her story about how she first penned “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do” and then how her article went viral and in the end, how she cleverly converted the mega-hit numbers to a viable business. 

I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy this account of Amy Morin and definitely gain a lot as a freelancer or blogger.

Why This Post? Having watched GODZILLA we all know “Size matters”. And here in this article Amy Morin explains how she turned a $15 article into a 7 figure income. It’s really because of this awesome multiplication of the end result that I have included this post in my listicle.

Special Element:  This journey teaches you to aim big and not settle for petty things. And another very important lesson is: you get success clues from your previous works. Observe them curiously and apply them in your next moves.

4. Nick Darlington

The post: How I Landed A $6250 Freelance Writing Gig (As A Beginner)

Nick Darlington tells his intriguing tale of how he made $ 6250 from the first gig he landed 3 months back, at the time of writing the post.

Why This Post? I preferred the post over many others because the writer tells how in spite of being less experienced he landed that gig and how he moved on from there. This, I think, is a great source of inspiration to those who are in a state of leaving the game midway due to poor or no earnings at all.

He also details the pitch that worked for him and covers the methodology he applied to get to the point from where he can join the big-league-bloggers and freelancers.

Overall, you’ll know that this entire freelance and blogging thing is not a game or scam. It’s real and it pays to invest time and money in it.

Special Element: It’s a journey of a novice where the beginning appears tough. Landing your first gig, aggressive work thereafter and growing mature in the process is what propels you to the mainstream of the blogosphere. And here you get a bit of all that.

3. Jennifer Goforth Gregory

The post: How I Earned Over $19K As A Freelance Content Marketing Writer In Feb 2017

Jennifer Goforth Gregory’s story of earning $19K in one month (and this in a month of 28 days…) is one equally inspiring for a newbie and a handsomely earning freelance writer. Whereas the writer covers how she couldn’t believe when she added up her Feb numbers she also demystifies the techniques she applied to crest the hill.

Why This Post? Surprisingly Jennifer states that she didn’t burn the candle at both ends to earn the huge amount.

She applied different approaches like getting recurring work from the same client, asking for other projects in case she worked with an agency and getting referral works from on line friends. She also emphasizes concentrating on per-hour-rate.

Special Element: Even the best per-hour-rate writers need the knowhow and tips, let aside the nerds, to increase their monthly overall earnings. This is where the post by Jennifer outdoes many of its counterparts.

The practical elements it mentions make it one of the best “Call-to-action” posts

2. Danny Margulies

The Post: How Ari Made $ 10,000 On Upwork In 1 Month

Danny Margulies tells the tale of Ari Zelmanow in this post at freelancetowin narrating how this 9-5 worker, who was doing well with his job but badly wanted to quit, was ultimately able to earn big through freelance writing and call it quits.

Why This Post? Here I commit my slight bias to the newbies in this post. This post will tell you why even if you’re not a big league blogger or freelancer, should never think you can’t earn huge.

How can Ari earn $1000 in a month working on upwork? Why can’t you? Even if you work at low paying gigs of usual sites you can find high paying clients and agencies.

Special Element: The post says you may be a part-time blogger or freelancer, you may be a nerd and you may also be earning $5 per 1000 words. But still you may become a $1000-a-month freelancer. Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that propelling you to jump right into work?

1. Sarah Peterson

The Post: 16 Bloggers Who Make Enough Money To Travel The World In Style

And here is the mother of all posts by Sarah Peterson. You don’t simply get 75 comments on your post in no time.

It’s a story of 16 bloggers who have defied their destinies. Having gone through the earnings of bloggers mentioned here you’ll understand why you can’t be nailed to a spot on the globe due to the want of money.

They blog. They earn. They travel. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Or may be, “It’s as difficult as that.”

Why This Post? I selected this post with numero uno spot because this post contains 16 gripping tales inside it and none of them is less interesting. Each blogger’s journey will excite you and make you believe that blogging and freelance writing are those fields where hard work is in fact rewarded handsomely.

Special element: Having gone through the experiences and successes of these bloggers it will appear to you that success as a blogger is not out of your reach. You seem to be saying, “Provided I put more heart into it, it seems achievable. Well, I’m going to go places.” This is where this post beats the others of similar kind.

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