Technical Writing: An Excellent Career Option if You’ve Expert Hands of a Techie ( … $57201 Even at the Entry Level!)

Technical writing: If you are good at solving technical snags why don't you consider this as a career option?

I may be wrong but I do feel from the very core of my heart that technical writing does not attract the same amount of respect that the writers in many other fields get. The sole motive of my article is to grab the attention of the unemployed, under-waged techies and make them seriously consider … Read more

25 Rules to Follow Religiously if You Want to Make a Living Writing

write for money means self discipline applied at its best.

When I started writing for the web, my well-wishers suggested I didn’t need to write for money. Often times they opined, I needed to concentrate only on improving the way I wrote. However, I was to make a living writing.

Well, I heeded to the advice for quite some time and tried to hone my writing skills, not taking earnings into account – aah!

While the journey was slow and steady and not that bad, something was missing. Interest and dedication were slowly stepping southward.

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