I’m not asking you to play a  Nik Wallenda, the famous tight rope walker who was the first man to walk over the Niagara Falls on a high wire, to get noticed on internet.

But boy…….!! doing things to get noticed on internet is your religious duty if you dream to be a successful web writer.animated-circus-image-0026



               Or very easily, you may choose to fail.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

And what should I do so I get noticed on internet?

“Adorn your post with power packed language, unusual and interesting facts and unique visual elements.”

This is anybody’s guess.

However, I’m going to precisely tell you about some things which are the hallmark of all successful blog posts. As you move on you’ll know what these things are and what makes them  indispensable?

These are things that accompany your post to make it stand out. They enhance the readability and conspicuousness of your post. They immediately invite reciprocation from the reader.

Here, I urge the ‘wannabe successful web writers‘ of tomorrow to look for these free things regularly on the internet. They are available free of cost on the net and in plenty. But like all valuable things it takes hard work and regular pursuance to find and use them.

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And here is the list…

Perhaps, it’s not a complete list in itself though I’ve tried to make one. So move on, make an inventory for yourself, use at will and make your post  bookmark-able.


The miraculously crafted core idea in the quote from a maestro has the power to set the mood of the reader. A quote gives credibility to your post and establishes the fact that your theme revolves round an idea from an expert of the field.

As such collect quotes which you feel are connected to your niche and use wherever you find them relevant.

Fun facts:

I have been a childhood fan of Ripley’s “Believe it or not”. Besides, such facts as will tickle you in the mid of reading a post, are scattered all over the internet.

There is no reason for a reader to not like a post containing one or two inset boxes of fun facts.  This is kind of garnishing the meal. Provided you can successfully keep your reader WOWed she’s likely to revisit. And that’s exactly what you want.

New ideas for blog posts:

There are hundreds of articles on established blogs which suggest blog post ideas. Moreover there are articles on how to think of new ideas to write a scintillating blog post .

It’s an important trait to be practiced regularly by all web writers. This helps in being productive and able to avoid writer’s block.


Surprising survey results:

If you say something like “A mere 12.74% of on line American writers earn their living with ……” (No, this is an example only, not a fact) the reader immediately starts thinking where she stands and which side of the graph she belongs to.

Surprising surveys which connect to the theme of your post are real interest builders. They pertain to authentic real-life-data. As such, referring to such a result is equivalent to placing a hidden make-believe mechanism in your post.

While you can match a survey result to the central idea of your post you may also just do the reverse. I mean, if you stumble upon a jaw dropping survey finding you can knit an entire blog post around it.

Free image mines and video warehouses:

How much I’m indebted to Pixabay for the free images which I use in my posts- I simply can’t express in words. Nobody can deny the effect that ‘free of cost’ youtube videos have on their blog posts.

Internet is full of such sites that either provide free images and videos or free templates and material to draw infographics and cover pics for your blog. To get noticed on internet use at least a total of 2-3 images plus videos in a blog post.

Apart from using readily available images and videos you will also do well to prepare a store of self recorded videos and images.

Besides, try to find and bookmark sites which provide absolutely ‘free to use’ GIFs.

 Best links to articles relevant to prove facts in your post (pointers):

At times you need to point to best links in your niche to either prove your point or propel the reader to a more insightful and contemplative post on the subject.

So keep a collection of best links with an index of the subject. Besides helping your readers such links also help you learn and understand things in the process of developing your blog posts. Bookmarking such links is a habit that makes you a power writer.

New groups on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, Linkedin:

The list in the caption could have been contained at least  twenty more social media operators if I had the liberty to use more space. The question here is: In how many of these you have a serious presence?

If you’re already a member of eminent groups in your niche, marketing and promotion will be far more conversion-efficient for you in comparison to those having no access to such groups.

So keep collecting the whereabout of such groups and keep joining and actively participating in their activities.

New markets to find jobs and sell your products:

Ask a successful web writer how long it took to earn the first penny and how many years she toiled to reach the earnings she makes now. Wandering the net in search of new pastures is one duty you can’t avoid and say “I’m busy writing.”

What happens if nobody cares to read your post, nobody pays for your post and nobody is ready to display your post. So even though you’re busy writing you must devote at least 25% of your time to search for freelance writing jobs on job boards, guest posting opportunities and networking with web writers of repute.

You must also supplement your market search with cold pitching and finding new audience for your blog posts, ebooks and novels.

Your effort should be streamlined to find such markets which pay/ give

  • best in per word rates
  • quick
  • even in smaller thresholds (i.e. minimum pay out)
  • you frequent opportunities with jobs

Assimilate them in your lifestyle

Only because writing is your muse you’re reading this post. Make it a point to incorporate these habits in your daily life. This will keep you in a comfy position as regards blog posting because you will never run out of images, quotes, surprising elements etc.

Why not make these habits a way of life? Wherever you find a clickable scene click it. Wherever you bump into a bizarre snap save it in your raw materials godown.

But a word of caution: If you remember I used the word ‘free’. Be cautious about copy rights and plagiarism. Check whether the things you are using are absolutely free for commercial use.

This post will be incomplete without your suggestions. Please speak to me through your comments.

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