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Written your next blog post? I’m pretty sure ’twas an intro-body- conclusion type, run of the mill post. Because that’s what writers write, that’s what readers have read till date and that’s what exists on internet.

What makes us shy away from trying something new and incorporating something different that may take a blog post to the next level? Let’s step out of the track and follow a different trajectory.

This feeling always hovers over my head when I sit to compose a blog post. What new elements I can include? Recently I ran some experiments. Including some new elements in my blog posts, I was able to improve my traffic considerably.

Overall, the result was not bad, if not awesome! Some of fellow bloggers praised it and encouraged me to find out more of such elements.

After all someone would have introduced an image in a ‘text-only’ blog post at some point of time, somebody a video and yep….of course somebody, an infographic. Then a podcast ran and …and…the list will go on forever.

There can never be a sign board saying “NO ENTRY” to new elements in a blog post.

Newer discoveries will keep coming. Sure, some of them may not stand the test of time but then, dinosaurs become extinct and newer breeds keep evolving.  Here are some things (either quite new or less known)  which I have used or intend to use in my recent/ future posts (not going for a patent, bro…)

A 3-D Image

A 3-D image immediately grabs one’s attention and that’s exactly what you want. The more attention your blog gets and the more the post or its elements get shared on the net, the better you’re doing.


I tried pixabay, gettyimages, unsplash and a few more free image websites and almost all of them backed me with 3 D images.

Include a 3-D image in your next blog post
3-D image enhances the visual beauty of your blog post

Going Unedited/ Some Confessions

Recently I used such a subheading in one of my posts. I derived the idea from movies which show, in the end, the unedited scenes that led to the development of the script. Similarly I tried to tell the reader very frankly about something that was in my heart at the time of writing the post.


Initially I had an intention to write a post on “…ways to maintain your body shape without regular exercise.” But by the time I was done it had transformed into a post on benefits of a brisk walk.

Somewhere midway I came to know that the brisk walk matter had taken my post in its stride. And then I had changed direction.

The Target Audience Info

What if you announce somewhere near the beginning of your next blog post about the target audience? You can say “For Budding writers” or “For Chronic heart patients” or “For Regular investors in stock market” or refer whoever your article is targeted at.


To find out your target audience, deduce by applying this: “Who will gain the most by reading my article?”

Make this announcement conspicuous either by putting it in a text box or by using font colors or back ground color.

A Fun Fact Snippet

Using a snippet in a corner of your next blog post will definitely not be a brand new thing but it will be somewhat uncommon for sure. The snippet here contains a fun fact related indirectly to your post.


Suppose your post is about the benefits of a brisk walk in the morning. A fun fact snippet in a corner may tell the readers, “Salesman Jean Beliveau walked 46,600 miles including 43 countries in his 11 year walk-tour. This is recorded as the longest ever walk around the world.”


This is not a very new one but still I don’t see many bloggers using a GIF in their post. I used it recently, you can see it here.  I used it from animatedimages website

Adding a GIF provides flair to your post and increases average time spent on your post by readers. As only a few bloggers use it till now it also provides some uniqueness to your post.

A Corner of Takeaways

Yeah, I know you’re about to collide head on with me. Lemme make it clear. Perhaps you already gift a course or a tutorial or a free e-book through a pop-up message in lieu of the reader providing her/ his e-mail. Perhaps a better way will be to keep a corner of your post for such takeaways.

Whereas a hurrying reader is more likely to cancel the pop-up message she’ll most definitely ponder over the takeaway if the same is in the body of the post. See how thewritelife site does this at the end in this blog post.


If you like you may expand your goodwill and incorporate many takeaways at one point in your next blog post.

A Chat Box

No. I have not used this till date. But why I think I should?

I have a post about preparation for a competitive exam on hubpages and it contains 277 comments including my replies. My readers want to know many things and keep asking questions which I, being a part-time writer, don’t find time to reply very often.

I thought I’d do well to install a chat box and announce to open the window at a fixed time on fixed days so my readers can put in their queries and I can immediately answer. It’ll be just like going live on a social media site.

An Accolade Box for the Best Comment

Comments are common features of all posts but have you ever bothered to award a good comment. You may choose best comment and declare so on your post. This will increase healthy competition for replying in a meaningful way among the visitors.

A Traffic Updater

Let a traffic updater at the beginning of your next blog post tell how many views your post has got till now. I know it may be a self-defeating act in case of a failed post. But then you’re showing your reader the truth. This increases your credibility as a writer.

Moreover, in case of a killer blog post it’s a multiplier. Imagine if your article shows just below the headline “1.5 million views and counting…”. You rock.

A Clickable Index for Quick Accessibility

If you’ve made up your mind to pen an “ultimate guide” sort of epic blog post this time, one fascinating thing that you can include is a clickable index. Design this index with a bit of HTML-ing so that your esteemed reader can reach any point in the post at one click in the clickable index.

You can observe the ease of accessibility in Nathan Ellering’s epic post on ways to promote your content.

After all, your ultimate aim is to ease the life of the reader. Hence this element.


And Finally Check Your Next Blog Post for

3 Things…

Though every post has to go through the metamorphosis of intro-body-conclusion three things will always decide its success of your next blog post while on air:

  • The magic (first impression) it creates
  • The usability it possesses, and
  • The way it’s marketed

Even of these three I believe the first point is the most vital one because the game starts there. The questions of usability and its marketing surface only under the condition of the first point getting fulfilled.

And including these new elements contributes to the first point. Each of these elements works to either make your post visually more appealing or to increase the curiosity of the reader.

I always welcome new ideas. If you have any new attention grabbing or value creating idea please do share through your comments. Our common aim should be to have our readers see and read something different and unique.

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