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Many seasoned bloggers have advised that a new blogger should not be afraid of writing first few posts even if she feels her posts do not belong to a quality-blog-post class. I agree, that qualifies with the view of a starting spirit. But think for a while. Are you out there, launching your website just for fun and entertainment? If yes, then it’s OK to go with the above. On side-B however, if you are serious about your blog and want to earn from it the tale has a different twist.

I suggest you put your blog post to a rigorous test. If you find it wanting on major grounds, mould it, correct it and modify it till it satisfies your own set of criteria. Rather be official in your approach to make it stringent and binding.

Not having the fear to play your post is good, having the fear and self esteem to present it in an excellent manner is better and taking action to do the same is the best.

Fear of getting declassed- A classy fear

If you are afraid your content may be declassed from the world of good content on internet you are in a class apart. Being cautious to this extent is the secret to get loads of traffic and earn money with online writing.


Yeah… you read it right.

I know you’re jumping at me right away, “What on earth makes you think my blog post should be declassed from the blogging world? Why will readers not read my post?”

You know what? I’m going to serve you a warning memo and you better reply to yourself. The sooner, the better. I think it’s more a question of ‘why’ than ‘why not’. In spite of ‘why not your post be thrown into the dustbin’, rather ponder over why should one click your post and why will a chance-clicker read your blog post to the end?

Does a surfer find your post interesting, so she will stop by? Is there anything she can make use of? Even though she halts for a moment, will she care to remain there for some time or will she contribute to your bounce rate of 98.3 %?

Hence, this warning memo.

Cite at least 5 reasons in your defense. There is nothing…absolutely nothing that will sell in the market without value. Therefore, defend your article by stating purposeful facts that set your post apart from those by others. Here we go…


Memorandum of Warning

PQR Blog Post Scrutiny Services
New Delhi, India
Dated: 28th of July, 2017


Dear Mr. ………….,

We scrutinized your latest blog post thoroughly. Here are the findings of the committee:

  1. Your post was not of optimum length to qualify for a ‘good blog post’.
  2. Being one meant for budding writers and illustrating how to write an effective blog post, we did not find adequate intrinsic value in your post.
  3. You post was not found interesting enough to be read in totality by today’s hustling internet crowd .

In view of the above, this memorandum of warning is being served upon you and the screening committee desires to know:

  • What kind of thoughts motivated you to write this post?
  • How will your post propel a reader to take actionable steps?
  • Don’t you find your post ‘less interactive with the reader’ in comparison to the blog posts of your peers on the net? What actions are you going to take in this regard?
  • There is not enough variety and energy in  in the post to provide a reader an ‘attention grabbing’ and ‘gluing’ effect.
  • What are the points in your post which might be referred or shared by a first-time reader of your post?
  • Analysing with first principles, state in less than 300 words why your post should sell on the internet.

In view of the above, you are required to spell out your reply in the enclosed format at annexure-I.



(Each blank below must be filled in not more than 50 words.)

  • My article is about…………………. This topic is comparatively a new one/ hitherto an untouched one, because…………
  • My headline will definite grab attention because…………………
  • Once a viewer clicks my post she will most definitely read to the end because………….
  • My post is useful for those who………………… and is valuable for them since ………………..
  • My viewers are likely to visit this post more frequently than once because…………………

They are likely to share my post on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin etc. because………
They are likely to recommend my articles to their friends because…………………………

The following give an extra edge to my blog post (with respect to traffic and earnings through adsense and affiliate marketing).

  • ….. number of relevant pictures in my post.
  • ……number of videos in my blog post.
  • …….Infographics on …………., the text of which is clearly legible and easy to understand.
  • A step-by-step tutorial ( OR a ‘How to’ OR a ‘To do list’ OR ‘A call to action list’) which teaches my main theme within …………..minutes.
  • Survey results or a surprise data of……… on the connected facts
  • A quote by …………….. (a renowned writer) on …………..
  • A mention of …………….. $ (potential earnings) one can make by adapting my post religiously.
  • Discussion on a case in point about…………( OR the relevant example of ……………).
  • ………. number of internal and ……. number of external links to best articles on the topic
  • Sufficient white spaces at ……………………….. positions in my post

Your 300 word analysis as to why your post should make a mark on intranet:


Why mine is a quality-blog-post and why it should sell in market?…….bla…..bla….bla….



N.B. It is not necessary that all of the above points must be present in your post but the more the better. The points not relevant to your post may be marked ‘Not Applicable‘.

Five E’s of a Quality-Blog-Post

Once you have completed your reply, apply the following checks to ensure that your blog post is complete with the following 5 E’s :

  • Essence: The content and its significance for the audience must be brought out vividly in your post. For example, successful posts on hubpages website contain “What is covered?” at the very beginning of the post. In a cursory glance you can come to know whether the post is meant for you. You may get a clue or two from my viral post “10 tips to get selected with a good rank in JEE Advanced (IIT JEE)” on hubpages.
  • Ease: Check whether your post has sufficient smartness, crispness and forthrightness and is yet easy to grasp at once. Remember, redundancy of words and repetition of facts will cost you dear. Convey your message with the goals pronounced clearly
  • Emotion: Your post must carry a detail of the end result that your article is likely to provide to your audience.
  • Eloquence: Eloquence is the flow of your language. Will each sentence compel your reader to read the next sentence? It should rather propel. The connection between the sentences is one quality that keeps your visitor on tenterhooks.
  • Entity: This is your trademark as a writer and a stamp on your post. So your post must embrace this. Your style consists of

-The choice of words that you make,

-The mood in which you speak in your post and

-The very way you adopt to create a fact in your post.

Your audience likes your individuality and visits you again and again for this.


Last Words:

It ultimately boils down to the fact that if you can answer the above warning memo to your satisfaction your post might (Still ‘might’?) do well. And it still might not. Yes, instead of having all the elements as stated above it might bite the dust and flop as well.

We, all the writers, are always in search of that ‘magic’ element which is something unknown, something mysterious, which gives wings to a viral post. Even the Hollywood directors would agree that one movie suddenly flies in the air, travels ionosphere and the other made with equal and sometimes more effort and dedication on an interesting topic, casting larger-than-life thespians won’t be as successful. However, this article is more about writing a quality-blog-post. More about that magic element in another post.

So if you can reply well to the memo served to you, or mould your post to the requirements thereof, you can be hopeful of your post doing well on the blogosphere.

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