Inspiring stories engage kids, strengthen psyche and embed deep ethical values. 10 stories are suggested on the upcoming pages. Find and read them on internet and tell them to your child

Dolly Parton, born poor in rural Tennessee, used talent, determination, resilience to become a country music legend, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.  

1. Dolly Parton (United States)

A tea seller, D. Prakash Rao, Padma Shri winner, used his meagre income to educate 75 slum kids for 2 decades. Donated blood 214 times, pledged body after death and inspired others with selflessness.

2. D Prakash Rao  (India) 

Factory worker to fashion icon, Vivienne Westwood defied expectations. Her punk designs, unconventional material and bold statements redefined UK fashion. 

3. Vivienne Westwood (United Kingdom)

Guy Laliberté, a Canadian street performer, founded Cirque du Soleil, reshaping entertainment worldwide, showcasing how creativity can defy odds and create an empire. 

4. Guy Laliberté  (Canada) 

Born poor in rural Australia, Andrew Forrest left school to work on family farm. Despite humble start, he pursued his passion for mining and built Fortescue Metals Group into a global mining giant.

5. Andrew Forrest (Australia) 

From humble beginnings in Spain, Juan Mata's talent took him to Chelsea. Thereon, went for a new challenge, leading him to Manchester United, a record transfer. Hats off to his dedication and spirit! 

6. Juan Mata  (Spain) 

Luisa Pérez, transformed handmade crafts into global sensation, uplifting her community through entrepreneurship and perseverance. 

7. Luisa Pérez  (Colombia) 

He went on to become a best-selling author after a difficult childhood. His breakout came when he published "The Alchemist" that became a global phenomenon. 

8. Paulo Coelho (Brazil) 

Village weaver to fashion icon, Abena Agyeman built a global luxury brand with Ghanaian textiles. Her journey consists of discarded scraps, will to retain her heritage, and redefine African fashion.

9. Abena Agyeman (Ghana) 

Raised in rural China, faced hardship but hustled his way to success. Starting with a small electronics shop, he founded, now a tech giant, showcasing an incredible rags-to-riches journey.

10. Liu Qiangdong   (China)