Here is an effortless way to write a travelogue. Share your personal travel experiences about the upcoming 12  points. You’ll have written your travelogue in no time.

1. How you zeroed in on the choice of the visiting place?  

2. What time of the year did you visit the place?

3. How was the journey to the place?  

4.  How was the accommodation at the place?

5. How was the weather at the time of visit?

6. Which spots at or near the place did you visit?  

7. What were the travel and staying costs involved?

8. Share brief notes about the thrilling pictures you took at the time of travel. 

9. Discuss the food available at the place.

10. How were the shopping facilities and the markets?

11. Incorporate an account of interaction with the local people

12. Did you involve in fun activities like adventure sports etc.?

Your travelogue is ready !