Hindi TV soap ‘Anupama’ or ‘Anupama serial’ for Hindi viewers, is a massive hit. This is a case study of what makes it so popular with the masses.

Anupama serial script revolves around the life of Anupama, the protagonist. Her life is entangled with her present husband, ex-husband, children and in-laws.

The script, while portraying the evils prevalent in the society, also keeps itself entertaining with the help of abrupt twists in the storyline.

The script depicts quite innovatively, a housewife fighting against the problems of divorce, remarriage, money crunch and even political hooliganism. 

One specialty of this serial is that despite being a family drama, it maintains a good pace and the audience does not have to wait for new events.

The engagingly written episodes of Anupama serial compel the audience to watch the struggle of a middle-class family to live with dignity even in the face of toughest problems. 

Sometimes, the script argues adversely to the common beliefs. At one turn of the story, it shows Anupama siding with younger generation instead of older generation.

The script unravels the finest threads of relationships. In doing so, it never fails to describe the characters in detail and maintain the flow of events.

The script includes characters of all ages from childhood, adolescence and youth to middle and old age. All the characters have important roles to  play