Disclaimer: This story is a product of self-research and not meant to replace advice from a physician. Consult a medical professional for personalized guidance.

A cold plunge tub is a tub wherein cold water circulates and is chilled by a chiller simultaneously. Cold plunging is supposed to provide numerous health advantages.


Popularity of cold plunge tubs increased quite rapidly in the past year given their much talked-about wellness aspect.

Beginners should start with small dip spans and slowly increment the time as the body gets used to it.

Maintain a relaxed posture with respect to your neck, shoulders and back while in the plunge.

Cold plunge is believed to deliver the following benefits:

- A rejuvenating experience for  your body - Better blood circulation

- Improved mental state, - reduction in muscle spasm and aches - Enhanced sleep quality.

But there are some risks associated with cold plunging

Old people, those with heart conditions or cold sensitivity should take medical advice before cold plunging.

If you feel unwell in cold water and have giddiness or vomiting tendency, get out of the cold water at once.

Enjoy Cold plunging, reap its benefits but be ALERT, be CAREFUL