Try to make a deep understanding of the subject

Choose your side. Speak for or against the motion? 



Brainstorm the topic. Gather proofs and data from credible sources 

Shape your argument. Jot down the salient points  

 Write down  structure of the debate. The 3 main parts are introduction, body and conclusion 

Sprinkle facts, opinions and quotes all over the debate to back up your view 

Support your argument with clear and direct - hitting logic 

Anticipate the kind of attack by the opponents. Keep ready notes on counter arguments 

Write in persuasive and emotional  language to win the audience 

Write simple sentences to remember well. Practise the debate before finale 

Use emphasizing words that depict your confidence  

Use lethal words that tear the counter arguments to pieces 

Order your reasoning well. Most relevant to least relevant should be the flow 

Praise some of opposition’s opinions saying they were good but not relevant 

Write the debate conclusion presenting a victorious gesture