You get to read and learn 9 English words/ phrases that express complex feelings and emotions on human faces.

This implies a pensive mood showing dejection and emptiness. A feeling of loneliness also accompanies.


A dangerously greedy look or expression that is ready to go to any extent for exploiting a situation. 

A Predatory Look

Annoyed and frustrated to the point of losing patience. This is also often known as 'bursting in anger'. 


Jealousy in action. Obsession about someone or something with an angle of doubt about losing what you value.

Consuming Possessiveness

A brief but intense spark of joy. This could be a sudden burst with glare in the eyes and a brightened face. 


A light, nervous feeling of excitement mixed with apprehension. This is a mild fear as would give shivers.

A Tingly Trepidation

A feeling of being proven right or justified in your efforts. Sort of expression that hides in a winning smile.


Constant low level worry expressing helplessness. Always keeps you on edge and doesn't let you settle.

Simmering Unease

Puzzled, confused, and slightly worried by something you don't understand. A state of uncertainty due to ambiguity.