AI Writing Detectors are  tools that detect the text produced by AI text generators like  ChatGPT  and Bard

AI writing detectors work by testing word-repetition, use of cliches and writing-flow

USE: AI writing detectors find originality, uniqueness, and authenticity of written content

To test your text right away, here’s a list of AI writing detectors that don’t even need a login for light work

Copy-paste text in AI detector's space. It gives % of likelihood that content is generated by AI Academic papers: AI content < 20%

AI detectors are perfecting .Get good results by testing text  with more tahn one AI detectors.

Uses · Protect own content to avoid ‘AI text' · Escape plagiarism of AI content · Know if your content is original, unique.

Avoid detection by AI  · Exclude cliché words · Use natural write-rhythm . Vary sentence structure & length

Future AI detectors will be much stronger. So, learn writing that can bypass AI detection..

While creating or reading content, you’ll always want to know whether it's authentic. So, AI Writing Detectors are here to stay