A haiku sprouts in the heart when there's a connected story. Here, you find 9 haiku examples about nature (5-7-5) .

Lit by mild moonlight, Berries shine as milky pearls, Nature’s ornaments. 

Evening Walk Wonders

Stunning Your colors are; Seems they sure, want to reveal Your secrets never told!

His True Colors

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The foothill was sad, Then castle came to rescue; A tale of friendship.

Foothill’s Pride

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Living a day dream, An abode amidst nature, Beauty surrounds me!

Living in the meadows

Liveliness abounds, Nature’s paintings mesmerize, A joy forever! 

Divine Painting

They had parted way Nature divided, I join To keep them together

Soul Connection

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Night has spread its wings Strange silence rules everywhere I hear my own breath!

Night’s Embrace

Winding through the hills, The trail leads to my village, Lane to the heavens!

Nostalgic Trail

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Together they sit, Man, machine and the nature, Unison achieved. 

Spirit of Harmony

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