Appreciation letters work like magic. They motivate employees, students, teachers and everyone more than other awards. One should definitely learn how to write them.

An appreciation letter is written to an employee as a praise for good work, to a teacher for good teaching or anything akin to that.

Appreciation letters serve the purpose of showing good gesture in acknowledgement to excellent performance.

A boss, a teacher, a student or anyone may write a letter expressing appreciation, gratitude or thanks.

1st block: Self name & address 2nd block: Date 3rd block: Recipient's name and address 4th block: Salutation

5th block: body of the letter There are three paragraphs in the body of the appreciation letter

6th block: Show a good gesture to the addressee or wish her/him best of luck. 7th block: Signature, Designation etc.

Want a detailed article on how to use a format to write an appreciation letter? Click on the image above. You also get 3 ready appreciation letters and exercise for practice.