How to Write Better English Sentences

Appropriate sentence structure   Vineet (subject) writes (verb) an essay (object) everyday. 

Mostly use active voice Their team played good ice hockey.

Use correct tense of verb in a sentence Incorrect: I wrote this letter just now.  Correct: I have written this letter just now.

He walked back to the shore.  He trudged back to the shore.  He limped back to the shore.

Choose words/ phrases that precisely mean what you desire

Singular and plural errors  Incorrect: She washed her hairs yesterday. Correct: She washed her hair yesterday.

Are pronouns in agreement with their antecedent? Incorrect: Sona had finished her homework. He had also completed daily chores in the morning. He - wrong She: correct

Avoid ‘ing’ with stative verb Incorrect: I am doubting her efficiency. Correct: I doubt her efficiency.

Inappropriate: A loud guffaw was heard in the darkness. Appropriate: A piercing, shrill laughter was heard tearing through the darkness.

Mood of writing is important

Errors of gender antecedent Incorrect: Tanuja called his mother immediately. Correct: Tanuja called her mother immediately.