Hug Day Haikus

Hug Day is a special day in run up to Valentine's Day.  Friends, family members hug each other on this auspicious day. Here are 9 Hug Day Haikus  for you.

Three warm hearts entwine,Hugs melt worries, world dissolves,Laughter paints the air. 

Her eyes brim with love, Looking in them with a hug, I was born again.

She hugged a fairy, But when mother shook her, Oh! That was all a dream! 

Love drips from her eyes, She won’t let me part with her, Tale of innocence.

Dream days of childhood, Magical were moments Dad, Your presence meant all.

Quarrel time over, Forget hate, be friends again, Hug day’s joy is come 

Baby’s unmixed love, Finds peace in mother’s embrace, It’s hug day here too.

After months I met, So long awaited my pet, Beauty of Hug Day! 

Mom came in my dreams, On the last Hug Day and said, “Smile when think of me.”