Parents/ Teachers should give paragraph writing exercises to children from an age of 9-10 years onwards

This improves children’s thinking ability, imaginative skills, and writing acumen 

Here you get 10 paragraph writing topics for class 5 to 7 students 

Who is the sportsman you like most and why? Write a paragraph in 150 words on the topic 

Write a 100 word-paragraph on the subject: Changing Our Bad Habit

Write in 200 words how you celebrated your birthday recently  

Write a short paragraph on this topic:  Your visit to the zoo  

Write in about 150 words how you felt when the teacher scolded you for not doing homework  

Expand this in about 200 words: How I tried to improve my health  

Write a short paragraph on the wonders of nature  

Write in about 200 words what happened when you tried a bicycle ride  

Write in about 150 words about your last movie watching experience