Picture prompts for creative writing activate a kid’s mind like nothing else. Images stir the areas of brain like AMYGDALA, responsible for emotion-processing and HIPPOCAMPUS, responsible for memory.

Here are 10 picture prompts for creative writing accompanied with instructions to help start a thought process in a kid's mind.

Write a short story from the image above.  You have to start with this:  An elephant went shopping

The above is an image of a village.  Create a 2-stanza poem with it.

Wiky silently heard the conversation of the giraffes. Develop a short story from the above.

Rani found a purse full of money on her way to school. What did she do then? Write a story on this.

John helps a blind man cross a busy road. Write a story about this scene in about 100 words.

Above, we can see pollution caused by vehicles on a busy road. Write a 150-word paragraph on it.

Three dogs meet below a tree and decide to visit the countryside. Develop a story from the above image in about 200 words.

Write an 8-sentence poem about the above scene showing balloons and children

It’s raining. A man slips and falls flat on the road. Write an advisory stating why and how should people avoid falling on roads during rainy season.

Birds are flying above the sea water. It appears there is something just below the surface. Create a story with this scene.