Rose Day marks the beginning of a new friendship or love story. Gifting a rose to someone is a symbol of your love. Read 9 ROSE DAY Haikus here.


Roses on display, Hugging one another tight, What a lovely bond!

Grace in palm's embrace, Rose smiles in love's sweet embrace, Petals tell a tale.

With a velvet heart, Kissed by morning's gentle dew, Love blooms on the stem.

Bouquet of roses, Dazzles in her pretty hand, A friend's gorgeous gift.

Smiling bloom unfolds, Morning sun rains love untold, Yellow rose's gold.

Whispered hues unfold, Paper roses' beautiful glance, Love's fragile echo.

With a rose, she waits, Glimmer of hope in her eyes, Rest is destiny.

Fresh dew drops untouched, Rest in the lap of pink rose, Nature's boon to us.

Roses in torment, Love betrayed, heart-wrenching pain, A breakdown for life!