Give these 10 story writing prompts to your kids and ask them to expand on the basic idea. These act as great mind activators

1. One morning you find you've turned into a bird.

2. One evening , you saw a person getting robbed. 

3. When you light a lamp, a genie comes out of it laughing. 

4. A mysterious creature informs you’ve been chosen to rule their planet. 

5. Radha is stunned to find a box of gold coins on her table. 

6. You stumble upon a person with half lion-half man face. 

7. As the car rode through the jungle, a wild elephant suddenly came in the front.

8. The chuckling man on the corner table looked a bit weird. She decided to go. 

9. Looking at the house allotted to her, ominous feelings surrounded her.

10. Friends looked around. Pythons hung from trees all over.