9 offbeat topics will follow and you may pick any to all of them and enjoy writing in true sense.

Write a script for a video cartoon channel revolving around a poor peasant’s life who finds a treasure hidden in his field. 

Break-up a chapter into a number of concisely written concepts. Students can revise the chapter quickly and retain it for a longer period.

Write a fantasy story about a self-designed flying vehicle. It fetches you to an extra-terrestrial planet inhabited by humans. 

Write some haikus on the occasion of World Happiness Day. Each composition must instil positivity in the reader.

Write a critical review of a newly released movie that you have watched recently. Focus mainly on the technical and conceptual faults in the movie.

Write a persuasive essay establishing the value of character in today’s material world. Cite some examples or anecdotes to strengthen your arguments.

Write an e-book of about 10 pages about how to take care of your physique while preparing for a highly competitive examination.

Write a humorous fiction about what happened when you learnt and performed magic tricks before an audience.

Write a critical essay arguing about the pros and cons of a joint family. Incorporate original thoughts and do not be carried away by the old thoughts favouring joint family. 

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