Halloween's around the corner. Know how to detail a Halloween costume? Learn about afew and try writing yourself. 

DIY Astronaut Costume for kids from recycled materials

Vampire Costume for Halloween Black silk gown with wings

Barbie Halloween costumes  pink obsession  

Werewolf   Halloween Costume Brown furry hoodie with wolf-ears

Witch  Halloween Costume Conical hat with wide  brim,  crooked top 

Skeleton  Halloween Costume Long black robe  

Classic Halloween Costume: Black Cat Black leather jacket, cat-faced hoodie

Zombie costume for Halloween Light, yellow coat with neck bow tie

Mummy Halloween Costume  rags and straps 

Scary Clown Costume  Maroon suit with yellow  inner jacket

Construction Worker costume Safety jacket, hard hat, vest, and safety glasses 

Robot costume for Halloween Made from cardboard

Giant emoji Halloween costume Denim suit with red lining and  headwear of carved out pumpkin

polar bear Halloween costume white furry hoodie with a bear-head hood. paw-look hand gloves.

 Halloween green tree costume Georgette green frock  with plastic-petals hat