Unable to get a jump start from your seed story idea? Here are 10 pro-tips to help your story fly

1. Break down the seed story idea in 3-4 periods, say, 70s, 2000, and 2012. Write each part.

2. If you have 2 or more seed ideas, blend them and see what comes out.

3. Reconsider your seed idea with different perspectives, say legal and personal perspectives.

4. Explore the characters if the  theme is complex.

5. What happens if you add drama to a petty looking matter? Try this over your basic idea.

6. Juxtapose a real-life event in analogy with the seed idea and see if anything emerges.

7. Change the location of the story. Example: take it from a city to a countryside.

8. Bring in a natural calamity like flood, earthquake etc. when the story has stopped moving at the very start. 

9. A gross error is committed by a character. How does it twist the story?

10. The seed story suggests ‘A’ or ‘B’ Is sure to happen. However, the result is an unpredicted situation ‘C’. 

Break the shackles! Come out of Writer's Block!