How to Write a Letter to Your Friend Requesting Him to Visit Your Village

Question: Write a letter to your friend to visit your village.


Write a letter to your friend requesting/ inviting him to come to and stay at your house in your village.

This question or letter to friend on any other topic, are common exam questions for classes 7th to 10th in India. Whenever you are going to write a letter to your friend, keep in mind a format which is as below:

Write a letter to your friend requesting him to visit your village
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Dear [Friend’s name]
Para 1: Wish your friend and his family good luck. Convey love, respect.
Para 2: Mention the purpose of writing the letter. [Here it’s invitation to visit your village]
Para 3: Describe the purpose.
Para 3: Describe the purpose.
Para 4: Describe the would-be-experience when the purpose will be achieved. [Here it’s the pleasant experience of spending time with friend amidst the beauty of nature]
Para 5: End the letter on a happy note.
Love, regards
[Your name].

Here is a sample letter to your friend, written as per the format suggested above.


Dear Anshul,
Hope you are doing well by the grace of the Almighty. First of all, please convey my Pranam to uncle and aunt and love to Kittu.
I am writing to you for something special. In fact, I want to request you to visit my beautiful village. How long it has been since we met last? I will really be very glad if you accept my invitation. It is so exciting to imagine myself and you roaming and exploring the beauty of nature.
My village is a beautiful green spot in the lap of nature. It is full of greenery, water bodies and pets and birds. Situated in a serene, quiet location far away from the maddening crowd of the big cities, it also attracts tourists from all over India. We can roam together freely on hill tops, into the forests and by the long-stretched riverside. Besides, we can also watch plenty of waterfalls, orange orchards and valleys. There are nearby markets which we can visit together and you may buy gifts for the family from there. You will find some fruits and vegetables in these markets which are not available in the cities.
Meanwhile, dad and mom are also excited to meet and host you at our home. I assure you will have a great time staying with us and wandering in and around the village. The dishes cooked at home are really mouth-watering. Mom is a great cook and I bet you will love the food cooked at home. We can drink fresh sugar cane juice sold by the roadside vendors.
There are so many things to enjoy in the village that I find this space short to describe everything. I am really looking forward to enjoy your company during the coming summer vacations. I am eagerly waiting to hear a ‘Yes’ from your side.
Most welcome to my village, Anshul.
Love, regards

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