Writing an Article on Health and Wellness? 10 Core Basics to Make it a Super Success

Last updated on April 8th, 2023 at 10:59 am

In my 10 plus years’ journey as a web writer I penned some self help articles including some in health and wellness niche. Whenever I wrote one, I intensely felt that writing an article on health and wellness was definitely not a piece of cake.

It needed some inputs that you won’t perhaps need in other niches. Moreover, you need to follow certain basics and appears to me, bear an extra amount of responsibility.

Given the above, I have tried to create a rule-book of my own that might help new writers in the niche to write effectively and get their articles ranked well beside the main motive of this niche – that of serving the readers passionately.

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Health & Wellness Articles Differ From Those of Other Niches

Whatever we are doing in our lives, has the ultimate aim of providing ourselves a pleasant living. And perhaps there is no gainsaying that the most significant part of a happy existence are health and wellness.

This itself reflects the kind of responsibility a health and wellness writer owns in comparison to the writers in many other niches.

Add to that, the amount of in-depth knowledge you need to have and the kind of research you must carry out before attempting an article on health and wellness.

What I mean is if you are a health and fitness content writer, you cannot afford to be generic. You cannot write a good article on health and wellness if you are not in a positive frame of mind and do not have proper resources – books, access to experts, proper visuals and supporting data and stats.

That’s why:

A health and wellness writer needs to research a lot, think deep and consult far and wide. Share on X

Prerequisites for Writing an Article on Health and Wellness

A person with a good network has a better chance of doing well in the field of health writing. You need to have a good network of friends and relatives who you may count on to discuss matters in the field. Plus, good books and subscription to leading websites in the genre could be helpful.

Basically speaking, being an effective health and wellness writer requires access to the following:

  • Medical professionals
  • work out & Fitness experts
  • Motivational speakers
  • Good hygiene books and magazines
  • Authority websites for stats and visuals

It’s time we got to business:

10 Core Basics to Remember

Here are those simple looking hacks to write a top-notch health and wellness article. Though they look quite rudimentary yet have the power to uplift your writing to a position of repute.

Write on Lesser-known Facts

People love new things. So if everybody is writing about the attempts to find a cure for Covid-19, you may choose to write on the Harvard Medical School’s project of ‘Ending the pandemic’.

Perhaps you would have understood that writing on new things in this field might mean extensive reading and researching.

Though it’s not everybody’s cup of tea to write an original article on health and wellness, yet you can always cross-connect data and facts to weave new and different kind of articles in this niche.

While writing in health and wellness niche keep your mind calm and your purpose foremost
While writing in health and wellness niche keep your mind calm and your purpose foremost

Keep the Purpose Foremost in Mind While Writing

This point helps you check yourself from going astray. Health and wellness is a field frequented by fast development almost every day if you do not choose to say ‘every hour’.

As you are trying to drive your point home, a large number of side thoughts will start hovering over you. This tip expects you to pay less or no heed to them and stick to your main theme.

For example, let us assume you are writing something on ways to regulate daily sugar level. In course of the article, you need to mention that consuming ‘good fats’ can help you with your ‘diabetic diet’.

What happens if you add an extra paragraph detailing the role of mono and poly saturated fats. This could definitely give your article an extra pro covering but mind that your daily readers could fly away. Better, tell them good fats are contained in olive oil, canola and avocados and move to the next part of the article.

Research Deep, Analyze Thoroughly

You cannot afford to be generic while writing health and wellness articles. This is because your audience is not from 90s. It keeps itself updating every minute, thanks to the www revolution. What used to be a sophisticated piece of information years back, has turned into a commonplace thing today.

Let’s assume your audience is educated enough to know that the old myth about lemon being acidic is false and that after metabolism, lemon juice acts alkaline in the body with lots of benefits. So may be, you would do well to move a step further and talk about the improvement in iron absorption caused by a regular consumption of lemon juice. Got it?

Write for the Layman

I just advised you not to be generic. That, however, does not mean you should write in a sophisticated tone.

Most people are in dark about the basic terms in this field. Though an avid reader in hygiene would immediately start arguing over BMI but if you ask to state in clear words “What is wellness?” he might draw a blank.

Always remember that mostly those who do not belong to this discipline, will read your articles. They will pick your article to read out of shear interest. If a non-professional does not understand what you mean, your article is of no avail.

In a nutshell, write easy, write crisp and write clear. Researching deep is your religion, presenting in a convoluted manner is not. Never.

Write With a Positive Frame of Mind

Make them feel good. Pump life in a dying patient. Write something that stirs a patient on death bed to stand up and say, “Let’s go, do it.” Believe me, when you sit to write an article on health and fitness, and have this in mind, you don’t need any other writing hack.

Remember you are writing to improve people’s lives. Therefore, you have the kind of responsibility that the writers in other niches hardly have.

If morning hours are the time you’re in the best mood, write your ‘good health and well-being’ article then. Write at some other time if that’s what suits you. But create something that makes the world around you better, however miniscule might the result be.

Observe the effect that this immortal quote from Edison has on the reader:

As a writer of an article on health and wellness, insert positive quote and see the magic.

Further, some heart warming pictures or videos may uplift the mood of your reader. Have a look at this:

An article on health and wellness is best supported by beautiful, positive visuals
An article on health and wellness is best supported with beautiful, positive visuals

Use the Specific Terminology

In this field, you might have to refer to or write current medical research articles. In order that your article is read carefully and respectfully by intelligentsia as well as gets ranked well by search engines, you must use the appropriate parlance.

This means, in absence of correct terms and dead accurate vocabulary, an article on health and wellness may not find the due regard it deserves.

These are links to some websites that will acquaint you with medical, fitness and wellness terminology:

The Free Dictionary (Medical)

Wellness Glossary from Wellbeingescapes Website

Fitness Glossary from Sparkpeople Website

Exploit Your Resources Well

Most surely, you have friends, relatives and colleagues in medical and fitness fields. Do you consult with them over the issues you write about?

I ask because such discussions give you a different angle of thought. They provide what books and internet cannot. The intense arguments, emotional burst-outs and hot debates over topics, make you think deeply and brainstorm things.

Moreover, your subject-specific books, subscriptions on various websites and audio-visual resources help you a lot with digging the topics deeper.

Use a Personalized Tone

A person who is intrigued by your headline, might be suffering from a chronic disease, a bad habit or a personal tragedy. She might need sympathy.

The crux is, write in a personalized, healing, candid voice. Let your reader feel your article might bring her a solution. Else, they should get some kind of solace on reading your article.

Start with something like, “I can tell you from my experience…” and see the magic. But be true with your examples and instances – for a cheat writer can bring in crowd only temporarily. He is sure to find himself later, sitting alone in agony.

Use Lots of Examples, Case Studies, Research Findings and Visuals

Where examples and case studies provide stamps of genuineness, graphical representation and visual support provides a quick grasp of the topic you are writing on. You happen to prove your points convincingly.

an article on health and wellness is best supported by pictures like this.
an article on health and wellness stands out if it is supported with good visuals.

Write for the Main Representation, Avoid Extremities

This means that if you write for people with rare conditions, for example, MND patients, perhaps you are targeting very few readers. At the same time, if you are touching a new fact on a common subject like ‘how to stop hair fall’, that probably could bring in a huge number of clicks.

However, that does not stop you from venturing the less-known and mysterious facts in your niche. The important thing to note here is that you often have to do a trade-off between the two points with respect to the interest creation among the readers and commercial viability of your blog.

A Bonus Tip – Pick Topic Ideas From Daily Life Problems

You cannot run out of topics in the health and hygiene genre. If by some chance you are near facing writer’s block, think of the most common daily problems and you will find one. As these topics connect to the readers very closely, they make an interesting read.

For example, have a look at this video article:

This Is How Often You Should Really Clean Your Sheets, According to a Pro

You might wonder if that could be an article about health and wellness. But yes. It is. And that too on a website like Health.

Brace Up, Go Write Next Article on Health and Wellness

Lifted your pen already?

Sure. You should.

When you are writing an article on health and wellness, use emotion as your weapon. On the one hand, it fuels your productivity and on the other energizes your article with an attractive force that would bring you a million readers in no time.

Therefore, write as if you are writing to help your ailing father, to rescue your colleague from the jaws of depression or to help your own friend from being ridiculed in the office for his obesity.

Produce the writing that would make your audience shed tears of joy, express firmness of commitment, reciprocate with the desire to change and convey the will to turn back from a bad habit.

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