Hi! I’m Rajesh Chandra Pandey.

W2R was a dream. It’s now a reality. Well, it has set its feet on way to achieve its goal and in that sense it’s still far away from reality. But hereafter I assume you, my esteemed reader, are with me in fulfilling my dream, our dream.

This is supposed to be a website which will help budding writers with achieving their writing goals. Those who believe writing has the ability to make them a living, are badly mistaken. In fact writing is far more than that. I seriously believe earning potential latent in the art of writing is not yet fully explored. Everything, just everything, everywhere needs  a writer. This is one field wherein the worker never retires.

So, writers deserve much more than they are dreaming at present. There is no need to dream. A writer desires and gets. The sole purpose of this website is built around this central theme. Let’s be a revolution which sets the path right for the emerging writers.