Alert: Before You Subscribe to an Assignment Writing Service – Look for These 10 Most Salient Features

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The headline warns you. However, there is one pre-condition. Even before considering this warning, you should perhaps question yourself, “Should I go for an assignment writing service at all?”

The question does not lie within the scope of this article, I raised it nevertheless. A flow chart would let you in only if your reply to the above question is ‘YES’.

Once decided, your job becomes one of choosing an outstanding assignment writing service because assignments have carved out their own significance in today’s educational processes.

You can surf innumerable articles on the issue throughout the blogosphere. Even so, this article is a simple one, yet it raises a sign of caution so your money is not wasted by a penny.

Terms & conditions are no doubt detailed for all the services. However, the question is, do you have time to go through and understand these terms and conditions written in micro fonts? 

The ten points raised here, would assure you ask the right questions. Make it a point to choose a service only if you get all your answers satisfactorily. Because, you are going to part with a sumptuous amount of money. Yes, assignment-writing service does not come cheap.

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Go through each of the points carefully. Consider them in the light of quality, time and financial constraints. The pattern followed will be like this for every feature: Feature name -> Why is it needed -> Questions/ Tests to be asked or performed.

Essential Features of the Best Assignment Writing Services

1.Professional Academic Writers With Proven Track Record

Authenticity and quality of writing do matter. This is why, one going to hire an assignment writing service must look for the best writers. How do we do it? We may try to get answers to the following questions:


Provide a list of  your writers & subject experts with their qualification and experience.

Where or how can I have a look at some sample assignments?

Please explain the recruitment process at your service.

2. Error Free, To-the-Point Assignments

The assessing professionals check your write-ups with respect to some benchmarks, the most important ones being adherence to guidelines, depth of research, succinctness of language, credibility of facts, stats etc. In order to judge the quality of the written paper, we may ask these questions:


What are the resources like websites, libraries, newspapers etc. which you explore for the purpose of examples, statistics and other factual citations? Are bibliography, webliography and other citations provided in proper formats?

Are the assignments proofread and edited by experts other than writers themselves? Are they passed through wordiness and plagiarism checkers?

Are enough number of diagrammatic and schematic representations such as charts, pictures, infographics etc. generally provided with assignments?

3. History of Quality Assignment Writing

Looking at the performance history of any coursework writing service is an ingenious way to determine its worth. So, we may test for such history by a scrutiny of the following parameters ourselves:



    • Are they genuine?
    • How old are they?
    • Are they detailed?

Be cautious against fake testimonials. Analyzing their dates, language and the names of reviewers with little bit of common sense, will tell you the truth.

Star Ratings

    • How many stars?
    • How many reviews?

Do not be blown away by number of stars only. That could be 2 good reviews out of 2 total reviews. That also makes for 5 stars. So, check for the fact that there are at least 30-50 reviews or more and then go for the number of stars.

4. Customized Assignment Writing

Owing to a lot of similar demands, professional writing services tend to provide same written material in bulks. For example, they might copy-paste chunks of text from one assignment to another. When familiar material crosses the eyes of the examiners a number of times, they are displeased and your grades might bite the dust.

So, before you zero-in on a service, put in these queries:


Which academic levels does the assignment writing service cater to?

Does the agency create unique assignments for each customer?

What are the formats that the agency can provide the papers in? For example, APA, MLA or Harvard styles.

Can the service provide my assignments in UK English or American English if I so specify?

Is there any classification of the service into free, lite, premium etc. ? In other words, is there a provision for prioritized response?

5. Responsive Customer Support

Unless there is a 24/7 IVRS kind of support available from your assignment writing service, you will not be able to tweak your write-up to the desired level. In this respect, you need to ask these questions:

✔ Do I get to communicate with the writers over either voice or text so I can get my assignment improvised as per my need?

✔ How does your overall grievance redressal system work?

✔ Is there a concession available for a first-timer or bulk-order user?

6. Value for Money

Every penny spent must bring back value for you. On this front, one should ask the following questions and make comparisons from one service to another:


✔ What is the cost per page charged ?

✔ What are the terms and conditions of the refund policy? Are money back guarantee and partial refund policy, both in place?

✔ Do you have a flexible fee-payment policy, like in instalments or a one time payment with a discount?

7. Punctuality Record

Assignments have deadlines. That is why punctuality counts.


How early should I submit my request so I can get my assignment well before the deadline?

✔ Is there any emergency service that would deliver the paper to me if I want it within a small span of time? If yes, what is the additional charge?

8. Plagiarism Pledge

All paper-writing services provide a plagiarism check scope and prove their adherence thereof. This is one of the most stringent requirements as far as students’ grades are concerned. But for this kind of adherence, a student may face an academic punishment. Accordingly, you must enquire about the details of the plagiarism check process.


✔ What is the procedure of plagiarism check in your agency?

✔ Do I get an adherence undertaking from your end?

✔ How do you educate and enable a customer to have a check against the plagiarism for themselves?

✔ What percentage of non-plagiarism do you guarantee in respect of the articles and essays?

9. Assignment Improvisation

Many of the assignment help services provide voice and text contact with writers in one-to-one direct sessions. This helps a great deal in getting your assignments tailor-made as per your need. Moreover, grammar and punctuation re-checks are also available on demand.


✔ How many free reviews/ revisions do you entertain per assignment?

✔ Do you allow all kinds of improvisations like formatting, typos, grammar and punctuation and factual?

✔ What is the turnaround time of your service in case of revisions and corrections thereof?

10. Hard and Soft Support

Most definitely, your assignment writing service provides you a user ID-Password aided soft support. However, at times, you need a hard copy of your assignment for comfortable reading or to look at the matter in a wholesome way. So, I think, your agency should be able to home-deliver it.


✔ Do you provide both soft copies and hard copies in case I ask for?

✔ Is extra charge needed for hard copies?

✔ How fast may you deliver in case I ask for a final hard copy of my assignment?

✔ What kind of arrangements may you make in case I need an improvisation, having received a hard copy from your end?

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Keep it Simple

Before we depart, let me warn you again, you are going to spend a considerable amount of money and at stake will be your grades. So, be thoughtful and analytical while finalizing on your assignment writing service.

If you key in a simple ‘ assignment writing services near me’ you will get details of a hundred services immediately. Choosing one is not tough until you make it complex by asking for advice from a thousand self-styled gurus. Apply common sense and enjoy the services of an efficient writing agency.

Your suggestions are most welcome if you feel I missed some points.

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