Three Perfect Cover Letter Templates to Get Your Resume Read and Shortlisted Fast

Last updated on March 11th, 2023 at 01:29 pm

We have not yet discussed in write2rich how to write a good cover letter for a job seeker’s resume. Before we discuss cover letter writing tips, it would be in the fitness of things to discuss cover letter templates.

For your resume to get shortlisted for a coveted job interview, it must first be selected for reading and scrutiny from among myriads of applications.

That’s why it is of utmost importance to attach a resume cover letter. The accompanying cover letter serves the purpose of grabbing attention and citing your very purpose of submitting the resume.

It creates a good first impression and gets the contact person to read and consider the application positively. Shortly, we will come across a resume cover letter example.

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What is the Purpose of a Cover Letter for Resume?

Whether you are writing a cover letter for internship, a job, or anything else, it’s usually a single page write-up accompanying your resume.

It informs an employer about your

  • Purpose of application,
  • Particulars,
  • Skills and
  • Suitability for the job position.

A cover letter for your resume is necessary because

  • It acts as a supporting document.
  • It conveys your interest for the job.
  • An appealing cover letter makes the employer read your resume and consider you for the post.
  • It enumerates your skills and states your suitability for the post.
  • It tells the employer why you have an edge over other candidates.

Sections of the Cover Letter

Wondering what to include in a cover letter? The following sections are parts of every effective cover letter:

  • Your particulars
  • Initial greeting or salutation
  • Middle Paragraphs
    • Seek attention, create first impression
    • Core competencies and experience
    • Suitability for the opening
    • Call to action
  • Formal closing

Ideal Length of a Resume Cover Letter

As the resume is enclosed with the cover letter and it contains all the details regarding the caliber of the job-seeker, the cover letter is only a positive address to the potential employer and a statement of interest and core competencies.

The ideal length of a cover letter for resume should be one page containing 300-400 words split into 4-6 sections.

Crafting a Perfect Cover Letter: 3 Template Choices

There is nothing called a perfect cover letter and there is no perfect cover letter template either. But there are bad, good and the best ones.

There are charming cover letters too. These are the cover letters that cause an HR manager to pick them for reading from among thousands of them.

The good news is that there are formats or ready cover-letter-templates for writing unique and outstanding ones.

Here, I provide you three such templates with formats slightly varying from each other. I have intentionally created a partially filled (3rd one) template so you could gain an understanding of the shape of things you will be handling.

Formal Letter Format – Different Types With Examples

Cover Letter Templates


cover letter templates


cover letter format
Boxes serve only the purpose of separating different blocks. These are not required when you are preparing a real cover letter.

Template – 3 (Partially filled)

cover letter template 3
Boxes have been colored differently to separate areas with different purposes. This is not required when you are preparing a real cover letter for submission.

Write Unique Cover Letters for Resume

As you have observed already, there are no strict guidelines for writing cover letters. You may tweak the formats as per your convenience.

Choose the template for your cover letter that suits you the best. I mean, go for the one that gives you ample space to highlight acumen and carve out your strengths.

I will go on editing and adding more unique samples as and when I come across more innovative ones. Till then, learning from the above, frame your own stand-out cover letter templates and write the best resume cover letters.

All the best. 👍👍

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