Creative Writing Prompts for Kids- 100 Plus Best Brain activators (For 3rd to 5th Grade Students)

Last updated on March 11th, 2023 at 01:30 pm

What Are Writing Prompts?

A writing prompt is basically a resource that provides an idea to write and ignites a writing desire.

The resource could typically be any of the following:

  • A simple word
  • A phrase
  • A complete sentence, like a quote
  • A paragraph narrating an event
  • An image

Whatever it is, the purpose is to ignite an idea in the mind – that would lead to the writing of a story or an essay or anything of that sort.

For example, look at the following sentence:

The generous, old man appeared in her thoughts again.

Ask your child to build up a short story surrounding the idea contained in the sentence. She might start immediately because she has a direction.

The result: Her imagination lights up and a story is likely to take form soon. This is what writing prompts do.

However, writing prompts could fit into anyone’s requirement. The range of writing prompts is amazing.

Writing prompts have the ability to stimulate the empty mind of a primary school student and they could pull a seasoned writer out of the darkness spread by the writers’ block as well – Write2Rich Share on X

To that end, all the great pieces of writing could be attributed to writing prompts. Implies, it’s no child’s play. Take the article seriously and move on.

As a worried parent (the way they always are :D) and a concerned teacher, I had ample opportunities to use writing prompts and experiment with them. I must say, they produce awesome results.

If you are not using them, read to the end and the importance of writing prompts will gradually dawn upon your mind. There is a list of 100 plus ready writing prompts. You can immediately begin serving to your children or students.

Writing Prompts Work for Kids as Brain Stimuli

A kid’s brain thinks wildly – in many directions. May be typically:

  • What’s that?
  • Let me get that notebook.
  • Should I tell mom what happened in the playground?

Thoughts do not have a direction. They are scattered, uncontrolled.

Apart from very short-lived thought-spikes every now and then kids cannot think wholesomely and cannot self-construct and develop an idea.

This is where writing prompts become workable solutions.


Make an idea shape up in the mind

Guide the thoughts in a particular direction

Make a child start writing on paper as instructed.

Give a trail and the kid takes up the matter.

Make them imagine, connect the dots, increase focus.

You can easily observe that all the italicized words in the above list are matters of mind and concentration. That’s exactly how these prompts spur a kid’s brain.

How We Prepared The List of Writing Prompts for Kids?

Jean Piaget, in his theory of 1952 on a child’s cognitive development, identified 4 stages: 0-2 years, 2-7 years, 7-11 years and 11 years and above that.

You may read the details of his thesis here.

If we read about these stages carefully, we can conceptualize that memory power, imagination, thinking skills and understanding others’ feelings are in a rapid uptrend 2-3 years before and 2-3 years after 7 years of age.

Taking cue from the above, we thought it would be in the fitness of things to create some innovative writing prompts for children of 3rd, 4th and 5th grades – a time when their brains are crude enough to be moulded.

Hence, this is going to be a grade-wise list.

Secondly, we divided these creative writing prompts for kids into 5 sections in order to cater to various areas of brain.

Each grade (3rd, 4th and 5th) contains 5 sections which are as under:

  • Knowledge & Observation
  • Flights of the mind
  • Ethical/ moral/spiritual
  • Presence of mind & application of talent
  • Daily life events

Again, each section contains 7 or more prompts.

Let’s now have a look at these scientifically thought-out writing prompts for kids:

The Grade-wise List of 100+ Writing Prompts For Kids

Grade – 3

Knowledge & Observation

  1. Which poem do you like most and why?
  2. Why do you think yours is the best class in the school?
  3. How do trees help human beings?
  4. What things in your surroundings make you feel good? Write a sentence on each of them.
  5. Name some beautiful birds and write about their flying styles, voices and colours.
  6. Write about a song you always keep singing.
  7. How do you keep your books, notebooks, pen, pencil etc. in an orderly manner? Do your parents say anything about this to you?

Flights of the Mind

  1. What do stars say to each other? Write a short paragraph.
  2. Where does the sun go at night?
  3. You met Spiderman and told him about your problems.
  4. If you were to draw a sketch on the sky what and how will you draw?
  5. ………….. visited you in your dreams and you told ……..
  6. The angel gave you a pair of wings. You were now free to fly through the clouds.
  7. If an elephant becomes your friend, what will you ask from it and what will you do for your friend?

Ethical/ Moral/Spiritual

  1. A good person should not always advise others, rather ……
  2. Have you ever lied to your teacher?
  3. Your friend wakes up late in the morning and you have to advise him to get up early. How will you make him do so?
  4. What did you pray to the God and why?
  5. What will happen if nobody works?
  6. Are studies of any use to you? Write about a change that you want.
  7. Ramesh wears dirty clothes which are not ironed. What will you say to him and what will you do if he does not agree with you?

Presence of Mind & Application of Talent

  1. How do you make a kite?
  2. Your teacher has instructed you to ask her 3 questions about anything. What will be your questions and why?
  3. How do birds fly and where do they live?
  4. You want to make a doll with junk material. How do you proceed?
  5. You are walking on the road. Suddenly it starts raining. How will you protect yourself?
  6. Tell a story using the names of a vegetable, a pet and a friend.
  7. Your younger sister, aged 2, is crying. How will you calm her?

Daily Life Events

  1. Write a paragraph on the best storyteller in your house.
  2. How will you clean the house all by yourself?
  3. Write something on your conversation with an old person who visited your house.
  4. Dad gave you a new watch and also promised to buy a bicycle on your next birthday. How did you thank dad for that?
  5. You want a pet dog in the house. Your uncle promised to buy one.
  6. Do you think your mother is the best cook in the world?She has told she will cook a wonderful dish in the evening.
  7. The gardener has been working for two hours at a stretch in the sun. He is sweating ….

Grade – 4

Knowledge & Observation

  1. Make a list of all the electrical equipment used in your house and write what might happen in their absence.
  2. Write about a journey to a famous place you visited with your parents.
  3. What is your idea on improving your eating habits?
  4. What did your parents buy from a grocery shop? Make a list of the items and write something on each of them.
  5. Which festival do you like most and why? What do you do on that day?
  6. Which one do you like more, summer or winter and why?
  7. What things do you take care of while painting a picture? What did your last painting depict?

Flights of the Mind

  1. The fairy came out of the book and sat beside me smiling.
  2. You were surprised when your bicycle started talking to you. What happened after that?
  3. Your birthday party was going on. A smiling kid came and gave you a gift. You are unable to recollect but you had seen the kid’s face in a picture of a storybook. What happened after that?
  4. Write a short story regarding the events that took place when you accompanied your elder sister to the mega market store.
  5. The thread of your kite breaks and the kite zooms though air. You move ahead to keep track of your kite, keeping your eye on it. Where do you reach and what happens next?
  6. A monkey, a crow and a squirrel plan to visit the other side of the hill. What happens in the story?
  7. Image prompt:
writing prompts for kids spur the kids' minds and help them think.
Vegetables go to market

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Ethical/ Moral/Spiritual

  1. Who are your new friends and why did you befriend them?
  2. You see your father’s personal diary lying on the table. Will you read it? Why or why not?
  3. Two of your friends ask you to accompany them to the playground without informing your parents. What will you do?
  4. Which activities should you stop and which ones should you do more to keep people around you happy?
  5. A moving car hits a dog injuring it very badly. You watch from the other side of the road. What happens next?
  6. Exams start next week. Mohan, your friend, says he is not at all prepared. How will you help him?
  7. Your teacher is not pleased with your handwriting. How will you improve?

Presence of Mind & Application of Talent

  1. If you were the mathematics teacher of your class, how will you teach?
  2. How will you use a blank piece of paper in the best possible way?
  3. What will be your suggestions if you were asked to change the school timings?
  4. It’s raining, you need to go out but do not have an umbrella.
  5. Your mother has forgotten that tomorrow is her birthday. You need to plan a happy surprise for her. How will you and dad do that?
  6. Your teacher has asked you to prepare a paper model using paper, pins, thread etc. Write what will you prepare and how.
  7. You have bananas, pineapples, pomegranates, mangoes, grapes and some other fruits in your fridge. You want to prepare a glass of juice. Which combination of fruits will you use and how will you prepare?

Daily Life Events

  1. You request dad to take you and your little sister to watch a movie…
  2. You were about to wash your face with tap water. Your face is fully covered with soap. Suddenly the water runs out. What happens after that?
  3. The doctor said you were suffering from Dengue and you were advised rest for 2 weeks. How did you feel?
  4. Mohan and Lakshmi quarreled aloud in the class when the teacher entered. The teacher asked you what had happened. Write in your own words how did the teacher react to what you said.
  5. I have just come back home from the school. My little brown-eyed cat is waiting for me …
  6. Your father has purchased two tickets of the big soccer match going to be held in the town’s largest and the most famous stadium. Tomorrow you and your father will go to watch the match. How do you feel?
  7. Your family has invited Nancy and her mom over dinner. They will arrive by 8 PM. Write how do you feel and what they may ask you. How will you reply?

Grade – 5

Knowledge & Observation

  1. Write something about the different views of your school from morning hours to school-break hours.
  2. Write about the differences that you came across between a bus journey and a train journey.
  3. What did you observe while watching a mother’s painstaking effort to calm her crying kid?
  4. Why do you think index, page numbers and writer’s details are required in a book?
  5. You are going to visit a natural zoo on a school tour. Which animals do you want to see the most? How are you going to verify whatever you have read about these animals?
  6. Write from your own knowledge and observation why people are so afraid of the Corona pandemic.
  7. Which movie that you have watched, will you always remember and why?

Flights of the Mind

  1. Could you argue well against Alexa? What were her questions and your replies?
  2. Write a story for a younger brother or sister. There must be a lame man, a children’s school, flowers and a kind-hearted teacher in the story.
  3. A singer sings a melodious song on the stage. The crowd is clapping for her. You go to the stage, take the mike from her and start singing…
  4. Yesterday you woke up early in the morning and started studying as exams were close. When you looked out of the window, you observed a big, glowing object coming down from the skies. Write what happened next.
  5. You had a dream last night that an old beggar whom you gave alms, turned into God and blessed you with boons. The next day you see a similar looking beggar coming towards your house. What happened next?
  6. Write a comic scene that may occur if all the people on the earth suddenly go blind.
  7. Write a short story including all the super heroes you know of, as the characters of the story
  8. Image prompt:
Writing prompts awaken and guide a kid's mind to writing.
Standing on the moon he tried to catch a star.

Image by 95C from Pixabay

Ethical/ Moral/Spiritual

  1. You want to ask some questions to your parents though you feel they might be offended. How do you do that without making them angry?
  2. I saw my crying face in the mirror and told myself …..
  3. Describe your conversation with the poor beggar boy you saw in the market.
  4. What are your worst habits you have not been able to do away with till date?
  5. Your mother is sick. Your school bus will be arriving in an hour and a half. You have assured mom that you can prepare your own breakfast. What did you prepare and how did you do it?
  6. Your class teacher has strictly ordered that the school uniform should be clean and neatly ironed and your shoes should shine. How do you take care of this?
  7. You want to wake up late on a Sunday morning and do whatever you like without any binding. How will you convince your parents?

Presence of Mind & Application of Talent

  1. There is no money in your pocket and you need to board a boat to cross the river. What will you do?
  2. You were moving in your car on a road that passed through a jungle. Some snag in your car stopped it in the middle of the woods. What did you do?
  3. If you forget to keep your pen in the school bag on the examination day how will you manage in the examination hall?
  4. A dog was barking in the streets at night and you were not able to fall asleep. What did you do and what happened after that?
  5. Your dad and mom are very busy with their office works. They keep working from home even on the weekends. What did you do to get their attention and spend time with them? What was the result?
  6. You came to know secretly that the class teacher was planning to award the best student the next Monday as a surprise. You did something that made you walk away with the award. What was the trick?
  7. You have to prepare 7 chapters in 3 days for the next class test and you have not read a word till now. How do you apply some techniques that will get you the highest marks?

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Daily Life Events

  1. Your soccer coach advised you to work out daily in the morning hours but your school bus comes at 8 AM daily except on the weekend. How will you adjust the timings?
  2. Write an account of how you got bored being locked down during the Corona crisis.
  3. Write about a time you fell sick and could not go to school for a few days.
  4. Which of the cartoon characters you read about or see in TV, do you like most and why?
  5. Your friends always request you to dance in a party but you do not like it. How do you reply to them? How does the conversation go?
  6. What prank did you play on your parents? Were they angry at this?
  7. You want to watch a cartoon show on the TV whereas your father wants to watch the news channel. Your mother wants a daily soap. Write how you all put forward your arguments and also write who wins in the end.
  8. Image prompt:
What can writing prompts do for children? You will be surprised at the possibilities.
“Sit quiet I say”, so ordered Geeta.

Image by No-longer-here from Pixabay

How to Use This List

There are grades and there are sections. Use the list as per your wish. However, the list can be used in the best way if parents or teachers maintain a routine.

What I mean is you can give one writing prompt from each section on different days of the week. For example, Friday could be the day of ‘Flights of the mind’. The kids of grade 3 get to see an image prompt that depicts, “Vegetables go to the market”.

This way you will test the thoughts of your students in different directions and they will need different kind of words and sentences to use.

For example daily life events could involve more discussions and so teacher will have a good chance to teach ‘punctuation’ in discussions.

Feedback & Promise

If you happen to use these writing prompts for kids and find them useful, you’re most welcome to give your suggestions for improvement.

Whenever I’ve composed more writing prompts I would add them here. So keep visiting. You will find newer and better writing prompt for your students with every new edit.