Essay on Global Warming in 250 Words- How She Scored 20/20 [Her Secret Was A Foolproof Plan]

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A very common question in the English language paper of 8th to 10th grades is: “Write an essay on global warming in 250 wordsorWrite a short essay on global warming. It can also be, “Write a paragraph on global warming in 250 wordsor “Write a short paragraph on global warming”.

Here, we shall first discuss two methods (one of which Glory, the examinee used), for writing an essay on global warming in 250 words and then actually write the essay.

In the end we shall look at what made the examiner give full marks to Glory.

essay on global warming
Essay on global warming: A good writing plan will fetch you good marks

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Word Count and the Writing Plan

Glory divided 250 words into 5 paragraphs.

So each paragraph contains (250/5)=50 words.

If an average sentence contains 13 words, we can have 3-4 sentences per paragraph.

In addition, we may use any of the following writing plans. Glory used the first one to write her essay on global warming:

  • Plan-1: There will be 5 paragraphs: the introduction, the conclusion, and 3 body paragraphs.
  • Plan- 2: We may straight away write 5 paragraphs with the “What/Why/Where/ How/ When” writing technique.

Even if you need to write the global warming essay in 150 words or 100 words, you may decrease the number of sentences in each paragraph.

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Mind Map to Write an Essay on Global Warming in 250 Words


The following simple mind map was used by Glory to write the short essay on global warming in 250 words. Her mind-map consists of block headings and sub-headings.

essay on global warming in 250 words
Mind map for essay on global warming in 250 words


  • A beginning that depicts the present view.
  • Why and how has global warming become a menace?
  • We are not caring about future generations.

Body Paragraph-1

(Focus on the first main term in the thesis)

  • What is global warming?
  • Focus on the term ‘global’.
  • The entire world is responsible for it but only the developing countries are blamed.

Body Paragraph-2

(Focus on the second main term in the thesis)

  • Focus on the term ‘warming’.
  • What are the causes of warming?
  • What are the most dreadful effects of such warming?

Body Paragraph -3

A brief paraphrased summary from introduction and the two body paragraphs.


  • What will happen if every human being does not contribute to do away with global warming? (What if not)
  • Global warming is contributing to the destruction every day. Why do we not wage a war on daily basis? (The very purpose)
  • Let us …(Call to action)

This mind mapping for writing the essay on global warming in 250 words is even simpler. Here, we go on writing one block after another on the basis of our answers to questions starting with ‘What/Why/ Where/ When/ How“.

Essay on Global Warming in 250 Words (From Plan-1 Mind Map)

Here, we shall develop the essay on global warming by following the introduction – body paragraphs – conclusion technique.

Before we write an actual essay on global warming, let us watch a very useful video about the causes, effects, and solutions of global warming:

Global Warming – Causes, Effects and Solutions

Global Warming

A shocking report says every search on a search engine generates carbon-di-oxide. Global warming is silently extending its territory in our lives. Industries, transport, conventional electricity, oil and gas, etc. continually keep increasing earth’s temperature. Respiratory disorders, extreme climate, and food chain disruptions are raising a question: “Are we doing justice to our future generations?”

The developed countries which have passed through a fast phase of development, object to activities meant for economic progress of developing and underdeveloped nations. It is unfair. For a real effort to fight global warming, the developed nations must help other nations with going green.

The greenhouse gases like Carbon-di-oxide, chlorofluorocarbons, etc. trap the solar heat in the atmosphere and thus the temperature of the earth continues to rise. It rises slowly but regularly. Its most dreadful apprehensions are rising sea level, risk of famines and jungle fires, new diseases, etc.

We must understand that firstly we need a collective force to fight this menace. Let us plant trees, do better waste management, rid ourselves of the use of plastic, and stop other activities leading to air pollution. Secondly, this needs a consistent effort. Climate change happens every second. So should be our efforts.

We must remember that global temperature rises consistently. So, we must be on our toes every moment to fight this menace. Our collective effort and alertness can cause miracles. Let us vow to ourselves that we shall not indulge in activities that help global warming.

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Name of main blocks

  • What is global warming?
  • Why does global warming occur?
  • How does global warming affect us?
  • How can we control global warming?
  • When will we start contributing to the fight against the menace?

Essay on Global Warming in 250 Words (From Plan-2 Mind Map)

Here, the essay on global warming has been developed by following the what-why-how-when-where technique.

essay on global warming
Essay on Global Warming: Imagine a scene and it helps you write your essay

Global Warming

Global warming is a slow but regular increase in temperature of the earth due to the presence of excessive greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This gradual heating up of the globe is posing great danger to the mankind. Ever since the world paced fast towards industrial development, the menace of global warming started spreading its kingdom.

The main cause of global warming is the presence of greenhouse gases like Carbon-di-oxide, Methane, Nitrous oxide, ozone etc. in the earth’s atmosphere. These gases and other air pollutants do not allow the heat of the sun returned by the earth’s surface to pass through. As a result, the temperature of our planet moves northwards regularly.

Now the global warming has attained such a level that frequent respiratory diseases and extreme weather conditions are claiming lives in huge numbers every year. Amongst the most dreaded effects of the global heating are the rising sea level, risk of famines and floods, alteration in precipitation patterns, diseases like COPD, lung cancer etc.

The most challenging task the world is facing today is how to control global warming. Developed nations raise fingers towards developing and underdeveloped countries. Individuals, instead of knowing about the dangers caused by burning of fossil fuels and overuse of plastic, turn a deaf ear to any kind of government instruction.

If human race is to survive, it will have to wage a collective war against this dreaded peril. Let us vow to decrease the consumption of coal, petroleum and natural gas. Besides, we should limit the consumption of conventional electricity to minimum. We will do good to mankind by following a system of waste management and reducing the use of home appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators. Unless we take to such habits we cannot dream of doing away with the perils of global warming.

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How Glory Scored Full Marks (20/20)

Glory got full marks for her essay on global warming because

  1. She had a plan to write (mind mapping and further development of the map). She executed it well. That’s why she did not miss out on any necessary element of the essay.
  2. Proper terminology was used (Greenhouse gases, chlorofluorocarbons, waste management, famines, respiratory disorders etc.).
  3. She was almost able to stick to the word count (due to the mind map).
  4. There were no grammar and punctuation errors.
  5. She ordered her thoughts logically.

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IELTS Essay on Global Warming in 250 Words [Writing, Task-2]

IELTS writing task 2 instructs the examinees to write a short essay on a given topic. Here is 250 word essay on global warming that matches IELTS standard.

Millennials and Generation-Z kids have heard about global warming since their birth. They have taken birth in it, are facing its most violent onslaught, and no one knows exactly when this menace will end or end everything with it. There is not a more severe threat than this to the existence of human beings on planet earth.

The greenhouse gases (GHGs) present in the atmosphere, about three-fourths of which is carbon-di-oxide quantitatively, absorb the solar radiations reflected by earth’s surface. This trapping of sun’s heat causes the temperature to rise globally in a steady manner. This is called global warming. Its most destructive effects are rising sea level, dangerous respiratory diseases, jungle fires, extreme weather conditions causing floods and draughts etc.

Though governments across the globe have initiated measures against the menace, yet the underachievement with curbing its disastrous effects is quite perceivable. The difficulty of fighting global warming aggravates more due to a split in the stand that nations across the world take. Pointing fingers at each other is a common phenomenon. Secondly, global warming is very consistent in its march whereas the efforts across the globe appear to be quite piecemeal. Unless the whole world fights the menace in a highly organized manner, our efforts will be nowhere near to the goals we foresee.

However, as global citizens, we can play a crucial part in our battle against global warming. Diminishing the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas, planting more trees, using more non-conventional sources of energy, decreasing our dependence on conventional home appliances etc. will definitely help lessen the severity of global warming. Countries would do better by stopping deforestation and replacing conventional energy sources with solar energy, wind mills, tidal energy, hydel power, and biomass energy as much as possible.

These changes are the only measures by which we can turn the tables on global warming and protect ourselves from going extinct like many other species.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is global warming (short essay)?

    A short essay on global warming could typically mean a 100 or 150 word essay. The following is a 100-150 word essay on the subject:

    Solar radiations reflected by earth’s surface get absorbed by carbon-di-oxide and other air pollutants in the atmosphere. The heat thus trapped, increases the earth’s temperature. This is called global warming.

    The effect of global warming has been disastrous for human life in recent times and its severity is gradually on the rise. Respiratory diseases, rising sea level and unpredictable weather changes are some of the most horrible effects we are witnessing currently.

    We can take to certain reformatory living standards in order to curb the menace of global warming. For example, we may

    (a) Cut down the use of fossil fuels,
    (b) Replace oil and gas driven vehicles with electric vehicles,
    (c) Incorporate unconventional energy sources for domestic use
    (d) Limit the water and food consumption to optimum level so that they are not wasted.

    In a nutshell, we must collectively fight against the global warming so that our coming generations may live in peace.

  2. What is meant by global warming? Explain in 100 words.

    Global warming is the constant, gradual rise in temperature of the planet earth due to the presence of pollutants in the atmosphere.

    Global – The word ‘global’ has been coined to indicate that the temperature rise is happening universally.
    Warming – The word ‘warming’ implies a gradual but steady increase in temperature.

    The main causes are overuse of fossil fuels like coal, crude oil, natural gases, petroleum products etc.

    Some of the detrimental effects are deadly lung diseases, severe weather conditions and natural calamities, dangers posed to coastal cities due to rising sea level, etc.

    Unless the friend and foe countries of the world launch a war unitedly against this menace, it’s difficult to get rid of it.

  3. What is the way to write global warming essay introduction?

    Introduction of the essay on global warming should contain

    1. An opening stating why global warming is the most dreaded menace in the world today. (2-3 sentences)
    2. What is global warming? (1-2 sentences)
    3. We are all responsible for its increasing pace. (1-2 sentences)
    4. How is the human race suffering due to it? (1 sentence)
    5. What may happen if we do not step up our fight against global warming soon? (1-2 sentences)

    Based on the above, an example introduction paragraph has been compiled as below:

    Reports say that many coastal cities of the world will sink due to the gradual rise in temperature of the planet earth. Moreover, a large percentage of population will fall prey to the diseases caused by global warming. Due to such reasons, global warming is the biggest problem the world faces today.

    Greenhouse gases and other pollutants in atmosphere trap the solar heat reflected by earth’s surface. Thus, the temperature of earth keeps increasing. This is global warming. In fact, excessive use of fossil fuels and conventional sources of energy are the main reasons for rising temperature of the globe. We suffer from weather extremities and respiratory diseases due to global warming and still tend to overlook the causes created by ourselves. The deadliest effects of global warming include the rise in sea level, floods and droughts, precipitation changes and dangerous diseases of throat and lungs.

  4. What are the 5 main causes of global warming?

    The main causes of global warming are:
    1.     Excessive use of fossil fuels like crude oil, natural gas, and coal for transport.
    2.     Overuse of fossil fuels for generation of electricity and other industrial uses.
    3.     Rapid cutting down of forests (Deforestation) for food and living space.
    4.     Excessive exploitation of conventional sources of energy due to unawareness of people. Example: Overuse of electrical home appliances like ACs and refrigerators generates chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).
    5.     Agricultural activities like manuring, crop-residue burning, irrigation, faulty storage activities etc.

  5. What are 5 solutions to global warming?

    In your essay on global warming, you may present the solutions to global warming in an ordered list, as below:

    1.     Mass Education – The masses must be educated well to stop, reduce or substitute the activities that lead to global warming and climate change. Such activities include overuse of fossil fuel-driven vehicles, electric-driven home appliances and plastic. The public should be taught the 3R principle (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
    2.     Waste Management – Keeping waste formation in check is essential because if we produce less waste, the use of incinerators can be minimized. Recycling of waste also reduces energy consumption because the use of virgin material decreases due to this.
    3.     Replace Conventional Energy with Renewable Energy – The government should encourage the use of clean and renewable sources of energy like solar energy, wind power, hydroelectricity, bioenergy etc.
    4.     Stop/ Reduce Water and Food Wastage – We should limit the wastage of water to minimum. This is because producing potable water, heating water and using water – all consume conventional sources of energy. The same may be said about food wastage.
    5.     Stop/ Reduce Deforestation – The government should take immediate steps to stop deforestation. This is because huge amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs) are released at the time of destroying the wood obtained from deforestation.

  6. What are the 5 main greenhouse gases?

    1.     Carbon-di-oxide
    2.     Methane
    3.     Nitrous oxide
    4.     CFC-12
    5.     HFC-23

    CFC ➡️Chlorofluorocarbons
    HFC ➡️Hydrofluorocarbons

  7. What is carbon footprint, explain?

    We carry out various activities during the entire day. Some of them release carbon dioxide in the air. Examples of such activities are driving, using appliances like air conditioners and fridges, room heating with gas or oil etc.

    The total amount of greenhouse gases, specifically carbon dioxide, released by a human being, an appliance, or an organization within a specific time period is what is called carbon footprint of that particular entity.

    For example, if it is 4 tons per individual per year for a country, it means, every individual in that country, on an average, carries out activities that release 4 tons of carbon dioxide and other carbon containing greenhouse gases.