Essay on my Hobby – Easiest and Best Way to Write [100 to 1000 Words]

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Essay on my hobby
Essay on My Hobby: Select your favourite hobby, then write

At primary and high school level, an essay on my hobby is a common topic. While writing such essays, students should maintain the basic structure and style of essay writing. Besides, they should try to write in simple words taking care to keep the spelling, grammar, and punctuation correct.

How to Write an Essay on My Favourite Hobby in English

You can score high if you have a plan to write your essay. For writing an essay on my hobby, you may refer to one of the two essay writing plans we discussed in one of our previous articles.

The plan remains the same whether you write an essay for 3rd grade or 10th grade. However, the depth and length of the essay vary as we move from lower to higher classes.

Mind Map to Write Essay on My Hobby

To write my hobby essay in English, this mind map suggests forming a lot of questions in your mind. Answering them would render the essay. The questions start with what, how, when, why, where and who.

A 1000-word essay on my hobby can be written by answering all or most of these questions. Lower grade kids will leave out some questions as they have to write in 100, 150 or 250 words only.

You may change the questions slightly with respect to your favourite hobby. For example, a student with ‘cycling’ as his hobby, will change question number 5 as below:

‘What are the various tricks you incorporate to excel at cycling?’

Besides, you have to mix up the questions in an orderly manner to make sense. For example, you may start with “What is your hobby?” and follow it with “How did it start?”

Example Questions for My Hobby Essay


  1. What is a hobby?
  2. Definition of hobby.
  3. Name some hobbies.
  4. What is your favourite hobby?
  5. What are the various activities you do in connection with your hobby?
  6. What is the place of hobbies in our life or what it should be?
  7. What are the benefits of keeping hobbies?
  8. What exactly do I do while pursuing my hobby?
  9. What would happen if there were no hobbies?
  10. Have you read any book related to your hobby?


  1. How did you start pursuing your hobby?
  2. How do hobbies change our nature?
  3. How do hobbies keep us in good health and mind?
  4. How do we pursue a hobby?
  5. How do our hobbies reward us?
  6. How do we enhance our social network with hobbies?
  7. How do our hobbies increase our talent?
  8. How can you use your hobby to make a living?
  9. How is your hobby unique?
  10. How do you upgrade in connection with your hobby?


  1. When do I find time to pursue a hobby? How much time do you spend for it?
  2. Why can’t we allot time for our hobbies when we grow up?
  3. What if my hobby is time consuming and I am short of time?
  4. When did I plan to restart my old, forgotten hobby?
  5. When can we discuss about our hobbies?
  6. When do parents object to pursuing my hobby?
  7. Do you do something for your hobby everyday? Do you feel bad if you miss out?


  1. Why should one pursue a hobby?
  2. Why do I love my hobby?
  3. Why is following a hobby a useful pastime?
  4. Why do we not care enough for our hobbies and why should we?
  5. Why do some parents think that pursuing a hobby is a waste of time?
  6. Do you think a hobby is only an option? Give reasons.
  7. Should you have more than one hobby? Give reasons.
  8. Is it good to partner a friend who pursues a similar hobby? Why?


  1. Do hobbies change with geography?
  2. Where did you last exhibit your hobby publicly?
  3. In which part of your home do you carry out activities related to your hobby?
  4. Where do you purchase items related to your hobby from?
  5. Which are the places you have visited in connection with your hobby?


  1. Who is your inspiration in regard to your hobby?
  2. Who are the great people who had the same or a similar hobby?
  3. Who is your friend who follows a similar or the same hobby?
essay on my hobby
Essay on my hobby: Write With a Plan

Essay on My Hobby (100-1000 Words, Class- 3 to 12)

You will observe that on way to writing my hobby essay, we will only be answering some of the questions we have created above. The number of questions answered will depend on the number of words you have to write.

My Hobby essay 10 Lines – Drawing and Painting (100 Words)

  1. My favourite hobby is drawing and painting.
  2. My hobby started in class 2 when father gave me a book of drawing and painting.
  3. Whenever I find time after homework, I draw and paint pictures.
  4. I mostly draw pictures of animals and trees.
  5. Painting is great fun after drawing a picture.
  6. My drawing hobby helps me a lot with studies because I can draw all the pictures of science and other subjects very easily.
  7. My teacher praises me a lot for my pictures.
  8. I draw my pictures on sheets mounted on a drawing stand.
  9. My mother is also a good painter and she encourages me.
  10. I want to be a famous painter when I grow up.

Essay on My Hobby in 250 Words: Karate (200 – 250 Words)

A hobby is anything we do regularly, apart from our main activities to make ourselves happy. I have been learning karate as a hobby since class 3. My hobby keeps me fit and in the best of health and mind. Our fitness teacher once told us the story of Bruce Lee. The story inspired me so much that I enrolled in karate class and started practising regularly.

In connection with karate, I have to take aerobics and other exercises everyday. In the coaching session, our teacher teaches us various kinds of attack and defence techniques. We have to wear the karate outfit during our practice session. To inspire myself, I also read books about many great karatekas (practitioners of karate).

The toughest problem I face in connection with rearing my hobby is managing time. The only span of time that I get to practise karate is immediately after school hours. Though I feel exhausted at that hour, yet my love for the martial art makes me go for practice. At the time of examination I get very little time to pursue my hobby.

My parents have always supported my hobby. My father says that karate can be very helpful during an emergency. This makes me feel proud of my hobby.

I have a very ambitious plan about my hobby. I want to achieve the highest rank in karate, that is, ‘the black belt’ level. I know how difficult it is, yet I want to try my best for it.

My Special Hobby Essay: Trekking (250- 300 Words)

I follow trekking as a hobby. Trekking means walking for a long span of time, may be a week or even several weeks, in natural surroundings that could typically be a forest, a hill side or a long trail by the side of a waterbody. During a trek, self-sufficiency is maintained as far as possible and the trekkers try to enjoy and explore the path.

When I was ten, I went on a hiking venture with my dad’s group. The hiking journey excited me a lot. Then on, I was so interested in hiking that I would accompany any nearby group which went on such explorations. Hiking is a shortened format of trekking. It gradually changed into trekking hobby when I joined a trekking group in school.

Now, I am a proud member of a trekking group, known as YOUNG UNDAUNTED in our school. We go on trekking tours every six months or so. We also have won trophies in this regard. The walls of my house are full with breathtaking trekking snaps I have captured during my treks.

I like trekking because it keeps me physically fit. The long walks provide lower abdomen exercise and being cautious in wild surroundings, makes one smart and prompt. Besides, trekking gives me a sufficient dose of relaxation. When I return from a trekking tour, I feel fresh and energetic.

I idolize our sports teacher who is my trekking hero. He has ventured in many trekking expeditions in the Himalayan valleys. He has taught us many trekking skills. With his advice, I recently bought two pairs of trekking shoes.

I want to continue with my trekking hobby as long as possible. Trekking provides me thrill, pleasure, and experience. It makes life happier. When I go back to normal life after a trekking tour, I can concentrate better on my studies.

My favourite hobby is swimming. I just love swimming and do it whenever find suitable leisure time. As we know, hobby is a task that we do apart from our main occupation for the sheer love of it. Swimming is such an activity for me.

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Essay on My Favourite Hobby: Swimming (500- 600 Words, With Sub-headings)


Why do I pursue Swimming?

Swimming is a very good exercise. It has helped me develop a good overall physique. Specially, it helps build up broad shoulders and a strong chest. Swimming also helps improve lung function.

Swimming plays an important part in my life. It gives me pleasure and keeps me in the best of health and mind. Even when I come back from exhaustive school hours, I take a dip in the pool and swim for at least an hour. It relaxes me immediately. I feel dejected when I do not get a chance to swim due to other engagements.

How do I Upgrade?

To be able to become a good swimmer, I take exercises that help me to perform well. The trainer in charge of the pool has taught us some tricks that help us swim faster. I know and practise freestyle swimming, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and sidestroke.

Where do I Get My Inspiration From?

Recently I joined a swimmers’ club where I had an opportunity to learn new tricks from champion swimmers. It gave me immense pleasure.

I get my inspiration from the great Indian swimmer Mihir Sen who crossed the English Channel from Dover to Calais in 1958. I have also read the stories of the great Olympic gold medalists like Mark Spitz and Michael Phelps.

Many of my friends have hobbies like drawing, trekking, dancing, cooking etc. I am also somewhat interested in some of them. However, there is nothing like the spontaneous attraction I feel about swimming. I also think that my hobby is a bit uncommon and it makes me proud.

Kudos and Awards I have Won in Swimming

During the last summer games in our school, I won silver medal in junior freestyle competition and got kudos from my parents, teachers and friends.

I also derived an unexpected benefit from my hobby. My school recently organized a campaign called ‘Friend Mentors’. Therein, I got an opportunity to train a batch of seven primary school students. I taught them the basics of freestyle, butterfly and backstroke swimming. At the end of the camp, I was awarded Rs 2000/- from the school side.

What are the Other Benefits of Swimming as a Hobby?

Swimming teaches me benefits of healthy competition. I and my friend Raghu compete with each other in the pool. Raghu is also a very good swimmer, specially at backstroke. He thinks I am good at freestyle. I and Raghav sometimes discuss our merits and drawbacks with respect to swimming.

Swimming is a great soother. It is a lot of fun on Sundays and other holidays. A lot of people happen to come to the pool on such days. On these occasions I enjoy watching kids learn the tricks of the trade. I offer my advice when some of them need it.


Sometimes my parents feel worried about my hobby and forbid me to venture into deeper waters. Even though, my swimming mentor advises never to be afraid but at the same time also opines that caution is the key while swimming.

I remember his words that we must take challenges which seem to be under our control only and not venture into swimming too far in open water bodies like rivers, sea etc.

Overall, swimming is a sports that keeps me in shape and provides good and positive vibes. I love pursuing it as a hobby.

Essay on My Hobby – Cooking (1000 Words, With Sub-headings)

As you read this essay, try to understand which questions have been answered. Alongside, observe how the writer has maintained the transition of of facts smoothly flowing.

My Hobby: Cooking


A regular act away from our main occupation that makes us happy, is called a hobby. Sometimes we start rearing a hobby naturally and some hobbies cling to us when we get inspired by someone following the hobby. In either case, there is an intrinsic love for that particular kind of activity.

My favourite pastime when I am not studying or playing is cooking. I proudly say, cooking is my hobby. It helps me to become a better person, enhances my talent and above all, soothes my mind. I will go as far as to say a corner of me remains empty the day I do not cook anything.

Moving down the memory lane, I can recollect that once when mom was busy, she asked me to prepare tea for a guest who had dropped in unexpectedly. I was only 10 years old then and everyone was surprised by the quality of tea I made. This was the start of my cooking journey.

Why Do I Pursue Cooking as a Hobby?

The main reason for following cooking as a hobby is my natural inclination for this. When I see relatives and friends enjoying the taste of the dishes I have prepared, I feel extremely delighted. I observe my mom’s actions closely while she is cooking. I think my mom is the greatest cook in the world. I have learnt a lot from her. I have corrected my basics of cooking a thousand times in her company and this has made me a seasoned cook.

I Keep Upgrading

When our basics are correct, we get space to experiment. Though I know how to cook many a dish, I keep learning new recipes everyday. Many online forums and platforms like YouTube help me a lot with upgrading my culinary talent. Besides, I also watch cooking based programs like ‘MasterChef India’ on TV to diversify my cooking acumen.

Sometime back, I read a book ‘Cakes and Bakes’ by master Indian chef Sanjeev Kapoor. He has shared many interesting baking tips to prepare cakes. I realized that cakes and pastries are very important snacks for occasions like birthday parties. So, I thought of honing my baking skills and selected the book. It has widened my cooking views.

I know how to cook traditional north India dishes since childhood. Over time, I have also added other recipes like Dosai, Idli, sambhar, pasta, chowmin etc. to my cooking skills. Currently, I am trying my hand at preparing burgers. I am also learning to prepare mango and lemon pickle.

Moreover, whenever we travel to a different place, I try to learn cooking new dishes particular to that place. For example, we happened to visit Gujarat last year in connection with a wedding. There I learnt cooking two Gujarati dishes – Khandvi and Undhiyu.

Hobby is Related to Personality Development

Cooking has changed me as a person too. Owing to regular cooking, my patience has increased, observation has grown deeper, and innovative ideas keep hovering in my mind. I like to experiment a lot with my recipes. However, I admit that not all my experiments are successful.

Managing Time to Pursue Hobby

Now, I am in class ten and owing to busy study schedules, I do not get enough time to cook my favourite dishes. Still I make it a point to do so once in 2-3 days. I love cooking so much that I cannot keep myself away from it for a long time. To manage time, I do all the necessary chores beforehand and save time for cooking in the evening.

Awards, Kudos, Social Network

Recently I participated in a cooking contest held in my colony. I won the first prize for my recipe called ‘Paneer Pasanda’. It is a mouth watering dish that consists of fried Paneer pieces cooked in thick, spicy gravy. I served it after garnishing with green coriander leaves. Judges found my recipe the best one and when they announced the result, my joy knew no bounds.

Participating in cooking contests and organizing stalls in school functions has won me many friends. Some of them communicate with me regularly. This, on one side has made my social circle wider and on the other, it enables us interact regularly and upgrade our cooking skills.

Once in our school, a dieticians’ campaign was organized. In the camp, some dieticians advised us on the topic of healthy cooking. The dieticians told us why cooking should consume lesser amount of oil, spices and colors. Overall, it was a gripping session, more so for students like me.

Implications of Hobby on Career

Due to my interest in cooking, I have decided to take ‘Home Science’ as a subject in my higher classes. Mom seems to be worried because of this as she thinks ‘Home Science’ as a subject, will hinder my career. Though I am not of the same view, I told mom that we would take the opinion of career counsellors at the right time.


Food being the basic need of mankind and also due to growing number of parties and celebrations in our society, cooking is one skill likely to be in great demand in future. Though I follow cooking as a refreshing and relaxing occupation only, yet it may well become an occupation for which I will be known in social circles. So my attitude towards cooking has never been casual.

I have heard that some parents do not allow their kids to pursue their hobbies. However, they must understand that hobbies like cooking, gardening, and dancing give us a good leisure time away from our regular activities. Focusing hard in studies may make the studies monotonous.

Last but not the least should be a mention of the precautions which I take while cooking. I have to be careful right from lighting the gas and microwave ovens properly to not overusing spices, colours, oil, ghee, butter, and chilly-powder. besides, I hate left over food and so try to cook my recipes in the required quantity only.

I think everyone must pursue a hobby. Hobbies give us a break from our routine activities which may otherwise become monotonous. The refreshing feeling which our hobbies provide, makes us go back to our main occupation in a stronger, composed, and wholesome manner.

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Benefits of Having a Creative Hobby

While writing my hobby essay above, we have discussed the benefits of individual hobbies. However, there are, in general, some advantages we derive from rearing hobbies.

  • Hobbies give us a much needed break from monotonous routine life.
  • Creative thinking is a major aspect associated with every hobby and this makes pursuing hobbies interesting.
  • Hobbies have the potential to generate a side income.
  • A hobby is a mark of identity.
  • We widen our social circles by following a hobby.

Some Unusual Hobby Names in English

Here are some unusual hobbies you may choose to write about:

1Trekking8Glass painting15Vector art
2Philately9Bonsai16Clay pot painting
3Bird watching10Tree shaping17Audio mixing
4Daydreaming11Rock collecting18Leaf collecting
6Taekwondo13Computer gaming20Candle designing
7Sand art14Stand up comedy21Geocaching
Unusual Hobby Names in English

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a hobby?

A hobby is a pursuit, creative or otherwise, apart from our main occupation which we carry out or practise regularly for the sheer love of it.

What are hobbies examples?

The examples of common hobbies are drawing and painting, dancing, reading books, cooking, gardening, martial arts, playing cricket, swimming etc.
Some unusual hobbies are ice skating, surfing, tree shaping, stand up comedy, water skiing, sand art, extreme ironing, vehicle tattooing, soap carving etc.

How do I write an essay about my hobby?

Structure your essay on my hobby as below:

5 Parts:
Introduction, BP-1,BP-2,BP-3, Conclusion
[BP=Body Paragraph]

Before you begin to write any part, frame questions in your mind about that part. Start the questions with what, where, when, who, why and how.

Example questions for introduction:
What is the meaning of hobby? What is your favourite hobby? When did it start? Why do you follow this hobby?

Write the answers and take care to maintain smooth transition of facts from one sentence to the next one.

For body paragraphs, frame questions keeping in mind the following:

BP-1: Various activities carried out by you in connection with your hobby
BP-2: Benefits of hobby and how do you manage time for it?
BP-3: Your parents’ and others’ views towards your hobby and your ambitions with your hobby.

You will write a good essay if you go with the above plan.

What are the 4 hobbies?

We may categorise hobbies into different types, as below:

For fun: Watching movies, playing cricket
For creativity: Painting, sand art, circuit designing
For learning: Reading books, stone collecting
To earn: YouTubing, blogging
For adventure: Scooba-diving, bungee jumping

What is your hobbies in 100 words?

Writing an essay on my hobby in English in 100 words is a common question for classes 3-5. We can write as below:

My hobby Essay in English (100 words)

My hobby is reading books. I love reading short stories, poems and jokes. Reading makes me happy. My parents encourage me to read more and more books. Books give me knowledge. Due to reading books, I can write good essays and letters and so I improve my grades. I have set a target for myself. I will read 12 books in 2023, one each month from January to December. After reading, I tell the stories to my younger sister. She also tries to read my books but she is still only 4 and cannot read properly. I have a book-shelf where I keep all my books.

Why are hobbies important?

All of us are engaged in some kind of work. Students study and professionals work. Sometimes, long and routine hours of studies and work make the life monotonous. Such moments want us to venture into something different, something that can divert our attention for some time. Here comes the role of hobbies in our life. Hobbies like dancing, swimming, cooking, playing games etc. relax us and make us happy. From this point of view, hobbies play an important role in life.