Blog Post Template: Quick Mind-Aid to Write a Useful 1K-Word Viral Article

Last updated on September 18th, 2023 at 02:20 pm

Many beginner bloggers face a problem. If you want later, change the word ‘many’ to ‘all’. That of being unable to write a blog post fast. Coming directly to the point, here I give you a free blog post template that will act as an easy  brain-aid and make you create a 1000 word blog post in less than 100 minutes.

In addition, your post will pull traffic because of its quality and excellent SEO compliance. Icing on the cake is, it will be original. Putting in each sentence, you’ll feel you’re playing a game!

Hard to believe? Create one with this free blog post template and examine it yourself. Only if you find it useful, recommend to others. Thanks already 🙏

I know the pain that newbies suffer from, to produce quality blog posts frequently – something so important for traffic. I know because I have fried myself for many years in blog writing oil with an innumerable count of failed, dust-biting blog posts.

Let’s now start to learn the step-by-step process. In fact I made a guinea pig of myself and applied my own tips on my writing. For every part of the blog post template, I created a piece and kept a count of the time.

Let’s see what goes inside.

Problems You’ll Address in Your Blog Post

Surprised? Yes, this technique postpones headline and introduction to a later point. First, concentrate on the main problem and the sub-problems (or the branch problems) arising from the main problem that your audience faces. This will bring you clicks…shhhh. Wait and see.

Here is the format to jot down the problems:

Free Blog Post Template, Table-1: Problems of your audience
Main Problem -1: [3-4 sentence(s)]
Branch Problem-2: [2-3 sentence(s)]
Branch Problem-3: [2-3 sentence(s)]
Number of Words: 140-200
Time required: 11 minutes
Free Blog Post Template, Table-1: Problems of your audience

Example (Main Problem -I)

I take a long time to write my blog posts, near 1-2 weeks. I keep trying to better its quality which is the main factor behind the delay of my posts. This causes traffic problems.

Example (Branch Problem -II)

If I try to write my articles fast, on completion, I strongly feel I’ve not provided new and original thoughts to my readers. Whatever they will read here, has already crossed their eyes many a time.

Example (Branch Problem -III)

Surfers generally do not notice my articles on internet. I believe, writing fast creates ordinary posts and therefore the readership is thin. The views start with good numbers but decay soon.

These 3 paragraphs constitute the part of your blog post after introduction. Here, as an instance, you’ve discussed the main problems that newbie writers face. Moreover, some other complications accompanying the main issue (Branch problems) are also highlighted.

Keyword Research – The Real Traffic Matter

Let us see how to perform it speedily and effectively within the limited time of our blog post. I carried out a real experiment by way of finding a long tail keyword for a topic in personal finance. Soon you will know the technique and the time taken for this:

Say, I need to write an article on preparing a an Indian recipe of Paneer (A kind of cheese).

I generally use a tool called Ahref Keyword Generator Tool. Even its free version works fine for me. Search in google and open the tool.

From the drop-down list, set the country choice as per your requirement. I kept it at ‘India’.

In order to start, key in the words ‘Paneer’ in the tool bar and hit ENTER.

Soon you’ll get lots of keywords with their Keyword Difficulty (KD) and Volume. You can see that amidst some highly competitive KWs, there are good keywords with low values for KD and high traffic volume. For example,

  • Shahee Paneer, KD=1, Volume=32K
  • Chilli Paneer, KD=0, Volume=27K

You’ll see that 11th result onwards, the KD is not shown. However, you can open the tool on a new browser page, copy a KW from the earlier page and paste it on the new page to see the result. When I tried with some more KWs I got more useful KW with low KD and good volume. Here it is.

Paneer Lababdar, KD=2, Volume=18K

Trying similarly, find out the best keyword that you can write on. For instance, I’ve myself prepared ‘Shahee Paneer’ a number of times. So, I’m quite acquainted with the recipe and I’ll definitely go for it.

The entire step-by-step process is detailed below in the following table:

Free Blog Post Template, Table-2: Choose best long tail keyword fast
Type ‘ahref keyword generator’ in Google. Open the first search result.
Key in the topic in the Ahref tool bar.
Make a list of 4 best long tail keywords depending on KD and Volume.
Question yourself: “Which one can I write best without researching?” (though may actually research before writing)
When you can answer satisfactorily, start writing with your chosen KW.
Time required: 13 minutes
Free Blog Post Template, Table-2: Choose best long tail keyword fast

Note- You are carrying out this part after jotting down the problems so that you will perfectly know what to search for.

Part 3 of the Free Blog Post Template: Giving Solutions

Problems are your writing aids. Now is the time to show your real writing acumen. Apply your imagination, knowledge, skill, reasoning and everything else that you have, to give original, practically possible and workable solutions.

Further, deal with one problem at a time. Write a subheading for it. Give a solution in an easy-to-understand way. Take care that it sounds actionable. Keep your tone friendly.

Here is the format with examples:

Free Blog Post Template, Table-3: Solutions to the Problems
Reason for the main problem-1: [1-2 sentence(s)]
Solution-1 to the main Problem -1: [3-4 sentence(s)]
Solution-2 to the main Problem -1: [2-3 sentence(s)]
Solution-3 to the main Problem -1: [2-3 sentence(s)]
Reason for the branch problem-2:[1-2 sentence(s)]
Solution 1 to the branch problem-2: [2-3 sentence(s)]
Solution 2 to the branch problem-2: [2-3 sentence(s)]
Reason for the branch problem-3: [1-2 sentence(s)]
Solution 1 to the branch Problem-3: [2-3 sentence(s)]
Solution 2 to the branch Problem-3: [2-3 sentence(s)]
Number of Words: 360 – 560
Time required: 35 minutes
Free Blog Post Template, Table-3: Solutions to the Problems

Example (Reason for the main problem-I) –

Taking a long time to write blog posts is due to not following a methodical approach. You just can’t produce quality articles frequently and regularly by simply thinking far and wide.

Example (Solution-1 to the main problem-I) –

Here I’m going to give you a free, ready-to-use blog post template. With the help of this template and a little practice, I assure you, you will be producing best blog posts at supersonic speed. And you will see these blog posts rank better and rake in organic traffic.

Example- (Solution-2 to the main problem-I) –

Apart from this, you are perhaps not setting targets. Whereas hankering after quality is definitely a good trait, delaying infinitely for the same is not. Therefore, for different parts of your blog, set time limits.

Example- (Solution-3 to the main problem-I) –

Add to the above, writing indicators. To do a blog post fast, you need to do this. When you have decided on the subject, brainstorm it to the farthest and wildest extents. Jot down all the words, sentences or paragraphs that come to your mind instantly. These will work as writing aids for you as you proceed deeper into the article.

On a similar note, you can answer the remaining two problems giving a solution or two in each case.

Create a Killer Headline

Creating a killer headline is one of the topmost hacks to get traffic. For this, I depend on an old post by the celebrity blogger and writer Jeff Goins. Here is the link: 5 Easy Tricks to Help You Write Catchy Headlines

He advises to use numbers, emotion, reason, query and a promise to create great headlines.

I actually created one for showing you. Apart from Jeff Goins’ technique, I utilized the free service of Sharethrough Headline Analyzer. This I tell you, is a great tool that gives points for your headline.

My headline (of this article) scored 72/100 on this tool, which is a decent score. Still, the analyzer suggests some improvements which can be applied keeping an eye on the time limit.

You can use the following format:

Free Blog Post Template, Table-4: Create a killer headline
Write a headline depending on your topic putting in your main keyword towards the beginning.
Use any, some or all of these Jeff Goins’ elements: Numbers, emotion, reason, query, promise.
Test your headline on Sharethrough Headline Analyzer tool. Keep improvising to get a good score.
Time required: 9 minutes
Free Blog Post Template, Table-4: Create a killer headline

Finalize Your Featured Image

The process for featured image finalization is as under:

Free Blog Post Template, Table-5: Finalize Your Featured Image
Go to Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash or any other image site you are comfortable with.
Search and find an eye-catching image relevant to your article.
Check if the site allows you to modify the image for commercial purposes. If yes, you can open it in Photoshop and style it as per your need. For example, with Text button in Photoshop, you might type your blog post title on it.
Though not compulsory with many sites like Pixabay, I think you should, as a good practice, credit the photographer as well as the website.
Upload it in your editor and save as your ‘featured image’.
Now is the time to write alt text and caption for your image. These are good SEO boosters. So make it a point to write the alt text and caption mentioning your main keywords in them.
Time required: 5 minutes
Free Blog Post Template, Table-5: Finalize Your Featured Image

Example (Finalization of the featured image)-

Let me show the result for ‘finalize the image’ for any long tail keyword like ‘hiking for beginners’.

The free blog post template advises you to find a beautiful, relevant image fast from an authority website like Pixabay.
Hiking for beginners, Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

Going by the above format, see how I was able to choose a beautiful picture. My alt text will be like, ” Hiking for beginners starts with an intensive training.” You may as well notice that my caption contains the keywords and the credit to the photographer and Pixabay website.

Introduction- Make the First Impression

The format that has been devised inside this free blog post template to write a fitting introduction is very simple but effective. It goes like this:

Free Blog Post Template, Table-6: Write the Introduction
What is this article about? (2 sentences)
What is the main purpose of this article? (1 sentence)
What qualifies you as a person fit to write on this subject? (1 sentence)
How will you go about it? (2 sentences)
What will the reader get if she/ he reads it to the end? (1 sentence)
Any extra information that you want to add here. (1 sentence)
Number of words:160
Time required: 9 minutes
Free Blog Post Template, Table-6: Write the Introduction

Example (Writing the Introduction) –

Here, I shall try an introduction on the topic “How to utilize your first 2-3 hours in the morning”.

Para-I- This comes in our day-to-day discussions and we often do not find time to address it but that does not curtail its importance in the least. Yes, I’m talking about that least heeded but important problem in the lives of most of us – what to do in the first 2-3 hours of the morning so we can be satisfied.

Para-II- Here, we’ll address the problem and try to find how can we utilize the morning hours in the best possible way. The lifestyles of each of us might be different. Yet I believe we can find certain common daily rituals that would make our mornings better.

Para-III- I would site certain things I do in the morning regularly and shall input some information I’ve collected from my friends. Besides, some articles I went through on the topic would also come handy in the discussion that follows.

Para-IV- Hopefully, one reading this post to the end will stand to benefit however incremental the gain might be – so, stay tuned. The show is set to start soon.

You are performing the introduction step after so many steps because it becomes quite clear at a later stage only what exactly you’re going to serve.

Conclusion- The Beginning of Conversion

Here goes the format (Don’t worry, you’ll clearly understand in the example that follows:

Free Blog Post Template, Table-7: Write the conclusion
A one-sentence summary of whatever you have put in till now
A ‘though – yet’ sentence: (With the help of this sentence, show what was the inner mechanism of your blog post)
A comparison sentence: Tell them how things could be better
The ‘lesson’ sentence: Write about the lesson taken from the post
An ‘out of topic’ sentence: A sentence that is slightly out of place with respect to the matter at hand.
Number of words: 100
Time required: 7 minutes
Free Blog Post Template, Table-7: Write the conclusion

Example (Write the Conclusion) –

If you read this post carefully and a bit philosophically you will know at once that the tips provided here induce a method and try to do away with your procrastination habit in many ways.

Though you are lured with words and made to write a quality blog post in a limited time yet you do not feel bored or lethargic because you have a task served and you complete it as a challenge. Hence the purpose of the post boils down to challenging yourself to complete a task quickly and still maintain its quality. This is the underlying philosophy at work.

You can improve on the quality of your blog post by investing some more time on it. The basic idea remains same. Challenge yourself to find a better image and also a fitting video.

Keep your motivation high by any means – be it challenging yourself to complete a blog post in a limited time frame or bring in more traffic or earning more AdSense through it. Besides, do not forget your basic purpose of blogging. Before writing, while writing and even when you are going to hit the publish button, keep in mid to ask yourself, “Is this blog post going to help others?”

CTA – Very Important Part of the Free Blog Post Template

Here is the format to write your ‘Call to Action’ (CTA):

Free Blog Post Template, Table-8: Write the CTA
Ask what your readers gathered from the post – 1 sentence
Ask them to do something specific – 1 sentence
Tell them they will get a result or request them to share their results – 1 sentence
Number of words: 60
Time required: 5 minutes
Free Blog Post Template, Table-8: Write the CTA

Here is my attempt:

Example (Write CTA) –

It would be of great help to me if you could share any suggestions telling me how can I improve my article for making it more useful to the end user.

Kindly comment in the comment box and let me understand the shortcomings. Let me know what else should I add to make my blog post more appealing and beneficial.

Please just put a star (*), then write in one sentence about the topic you next want me to write on. For example, * Can you share some websites that provide royalty free images for commercial use?

I assure you I’ll immediately sit down and write an article that will be immensely useful to you.

On-Page SEO

After you are done with everything, take care to do the following:

Free Blog Post Template, Table-9: Perform on-page SEO
Place your main keyword in the headline, introduction, 1-3 subheadings, about 3-4 times in the main body of the post and once in the conclusion.
Give outbound and inbound links
Edit your post to cut the redundant looking material and do away with the spelling and grammar errors.
Complete the alt text writing for your images, putting your keyword in between the alt text.
Break longer sentences and paragraphs into smaller ones.
Time required: 5 minutes
Free Blog Post Template, Table-9: Perform on-page SEO

Hope You Enjoyed the Journey

Total number of words = 820 to 1080 (Average sentence has been assumed as consisting of 20 words though it may be of more words)

Total time taken= 99 minutes

If you really enjoyed the journey, create a post immediately and you will understand how easy it is to create a traffic puller blog post so fast.

Keep a printed copy of the free blog post template and every time you start to write a blog post, use every word of it. You might bookmark the page as well and visit it whenever you like.