How to Write a Persuasive Essay on any Given Topic

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It will be easy for you to understand how to write a persuasive essay, if you go through the following sentences:

How did you feel after reading the editorial in the newspaper today? Could the editor convince you about how she opined?

Having read its product review, how you felt about buying the pair of shoes you needed for daily morning walk? Did the review satisfy you?

The type of writing that attempts at persuading its readers to accept a stand and subsequently take action is called persuasive writing.

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What is a Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is one meant to speak for an opinion and convince or persuade the reader to accept the same.

Various data, arguments and facts cited in such an essay, collectively point towards the correctness of an opinion. Hence, they try to make the audience believe that the opinion in question is true.

How Does a Persuasive Essay Differ From an Argumentative Essay?

These two kinds of essays generally have a fine line of difference and very often look similar in purpose. Even so, there are differences.

First, argumentative essays put forward the facts and figures in a formal way, making clear in the process, why the adopted stand must be regarded as correct. In that respect, the point of view is quite straightforward and supported with solid reasoning.

In comparison, the persuasive kind of writing contains a sentimental component that may be present in the form of an earnest appeal for approval.

Secondly, the argumentative essays are less compelling as long as convincing of the audience is considered. This is due to their sole dependence on pure reasoning without any involvement of emotion.

On the other hand, a persuasive essay, due to its inherent purpose of changing readers’ minds via a passionate appeal, is comparatively more compelling.

Types of Persuasive Writing

The following are some categories of persuasive writing frequently seen. However, there may be more:

Product reviews


Critical analysis

Cover letters, Recommendation letters

Grievance letters

Promotional advertisements

Marketing e-mails

In fact, in affiliate marketing you come across conversion copywriting. It is the professional form of persuasive writing wherein the affiliate seller writes a convincing copy with the sole purpose of selling. The copy serves to persuade the reader and ultimately makes her by the product or the service. 

How to Write a Persuasive Essay on any Given Topic

#1 Read and Understand the Topic

First, read the topic carefully and  try to understand it. Find out the implicit opinion. Else, decide your own stand on the topic. If you are already provided with one of the many stands on the topic, then you have to go with this stand.

Now, you need to write, giving reasons, in such a way that your audience starts thinking in favor of the motion.

Sometimes it is also important to understand what your stand is not about.

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Suppose a persuasive essay has to take a stand in favor of this fact:

Many people go overboard with respect to their freedom of speech and utter something they should not have.

Here, the writer must understand that his job consists of disapproving the act of voicing of uncalled-for statements by citizens with respect to freedom of speech only. The writer should limit herself to the problems arising out of the misuse of the freedom of speech. She need not tread into the zone of problems arising out of other irregularities.

# 2 Find Reasons

Give 3-5 strong reasons in support of your main argument.

Have you wrapped your reasons into emotion? Because you need to make the reader not only think in your favor but also take your side and act accordingly.

# 3 Stats, Charts, Quotes

Support your reasons with statistics charts, facts and quotes from experts or influencers of the field.

# 4 Deal the Reasons Separately

Sometimes, it is easy to break the reasons into two or more parts and deal each part separately. Say, in the above-cited example, you may separate the theme as “Using unbecoming language” and “Taking undue advantage of the freedom of speech”. As soon as you draw your thoughts from these facts in an isolated manner, clear and streamline arguments will seem to emerge.

# 5 Summary of Arguments

In the end, write a summary of all your arguments and give the ultimate push to persuade your audience into believing what you have been trying to say throughout the essay.

# 6 Nullify the Counter Arguments

Inter-alia, try to nullify the counter arguments that are likely to play a spoilsport against your victory.

# 7 Call to Action

To put the final nail in the coffin, you need to believe in the end that you have persuaded the reader. Post this, end your essay with a call for action anticipating that your audience will fall for it.

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Salient Features of a Persuasive Essay

A perfect persuasive essay is one containing all of the following features:

Clear understanding of the stand or the theme

Strong and convincing reasons

Counter arguments

Emotional appeal

Call for action

Persuasive Essay Topics for Practice

  1. Should a 2-year service in military be mandatory for all the youths of the country?
  2. What do you think about a basic qualifying degree for the right to vote?
  3. Can sports be thought of as a career in India today?
  4. Increasing taxes pose a threat to peaceful living in the country. Give reasons in support of or against the opinion.
  5. Parents should encourage youths to live an independent life from an early age.
  6. There should be a full-fledged course on ethics in the curriculum. Give reasons in support of the opinion.
  7. Should we introduce “Personal Finance” as a subject at school-level to increase financial awareness among students?
  8. Is “Sex Education” relevant as a school subject in India?
  9. Will we be able to reap benefits of scientific advancements if we adopt the principle of ‘plain living’?
  10. Do you support the statement, “All is fair in love and war”?

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