10 Literary Devices That Boost Affiliate Sales When Used Subtly

Last updated on March 11th, 2023 at 01:20 pm

If you are not aware about literary devices in English literature, I will start with definition. Gradually, we will cite examples and then move on to understanding how such tools of literature can be used to increase affiliate sales.

Literary devices are  distinctive tools of literature used by writers to imply their intended feeling in an easy and understandable manner.

This will be immediately clear through an example.

Observe this sentence:

Hokkaido Express is a rocket on the railway tracks.

Hokkaido Express once used to be the fastest train in the world. So, its speed is being compared to that of a rocket. This is a comparison wherein you are comparing an object by directly naming it as the object to which it is being compared. In fact, you are using a literary device called metaphor.

There are hundreds of such devices.

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How the Literary Devices Help Boost Sales

Literary devices are special instruments that draw attention of the readers or create speculation among the viewers. What else are sales funnels? They guide (Don’t say “trap…😂😂”) the reader in a controlled way towards a destination , i.e. the purchase of a product or availing of a service. Similarly, literary devices can be a first step towards interest creation of a passer-by.

When you say

‘Our course hones your skills immensely’

there may not be many takers. However, let your pamphlet show this:

‘Our writing course provides you the art of weaving magic on paper. Your audience will follow your writing like Pied Piper’s tune.’

I think a good percentage will be beamed to the next step of having a feel of the price, faculty, likelihood of getting a job etc.

The Mechanism

Here, we shall brainstorm over which of these literary devices can be used to increase affiliate sales and how. The mechanism will flow like this: Definition of literary device -> a general example -> an example of how can it be used for product or service promotion

The Chosen List of Literary Devices

    1. Metaphor and Simile

Metaphor is a comparison made directly between two unrelated objects. A simile also compares objects but using support words, such as “like”, “as” etc.

General examples: Rahul Dravid was the wall of Indian cricket team. (Metaphor)

    Rahul Dravid was like the wall of Indian cricket team. (Simile)

Product promotion: This cellphone’s processor is a giant that can handle 8 jobs at a time.

      This cellphone’s processor is like a giant that can handle 8 jobs at a time.

2. Imagery

This device uses language that a reader perceives better through sense organs of touch, taste, vision, smell or sound.

General example: As she rushed in, the air inside the room felt fragrant.

Apparel promo: The clothing material is pure butter.

3. Hyperbole & Exaggeration

You are using hyperbole when you speak or write dramatically.

General example: I reached there in a second.

Selling a service: Our equity selection strategy will rain riches on you.

Exaggeration also means an overplay in size or otherwise.

General example: The mouse I saw was of the size of a camel.

Product promo: Using a 23-Watt bulb of this make, you will feel the sun has risen inside your home.

4. Juxtaposition

Juxtaposing in writing is placing two things adjacent to each other so their differences, pros and cons become obvious.

General example: Whereas Rama in Ramayana was an incarnation of truth and perfection in character, Ravana was a living embodiment of evil.

Product Promo: WXYZ brand backpacks have more important features in comparison to all existing backpack brands and look superior in all respects.

5. Allusion

Writers are said to be using allusion when they refer to a person or thing, that is supposedly known by both the writer and the reader.

General example: Better be one of the three monkeys who do not see, listen or hear. (Everyone, at least in India, knows about the three monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi who do not listen, see or speak anything bad.)

Product promo: Join our Summer Tennis Training Camp and serve like Djokovic.

6. Zeugma

When writers use Zeugma, they use a single word to link two differently placed thoughts.

General example: That night she fell in love and a trap that she came to know about much later.

Service promo: With the kind of wellness counselling we have, you will conquer your inner devils and the world.

7. Foreshadowing

When a writer creates a lead to a climax, explaining the shape of things to come, she is foreshadowing. That is, when you are foreshadowing, you tell the reader indirectly what might follow. Reader gets indications and implications about where the story is going.

General example: In a movie scene, the female protagonist waits for her fiancée at a pre-decided spot in a deserted valley. Her lover has not arrived and it has been half an hour more than the scheduled time for this clandestine meet. A rabbit happens to pass by and to the protagonist’s utter dismay, an eagle pounces upon the rabbit and catches it and flies off. Is something ominous on the cards?

Product promo: “The expression of happiness on the face of Biance is unknown, unforeseen and unprecedented. Never even in her movies, you’d find as sweet an expression as this one. You people must be wondering why I’m telling you all this.

Your wait is going to be over soon when I tell you what has brought that kind of smile.”

(In fact, this person is trying to sell some flats in a scenic location. However, before coming to the main point, that Biance, the celebrity has bought one of those flats, he creates the entire ‘foreshadow’, or the path to the climax.)

8. Parallelism (In rhetoric)

It is a literary device that uses equivalent words, phrases or clauses of matching usage for the purpose of motivating, convincing or evoking passion.

General example: ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….’ – the opening paragraph in Dickens’ ‘A Tale of Two cities’.

Product promo: Just calculate the taxes and entry & exit loads. What you think could be your worst pocket-experience, might buy you the most pocket-friendly deposit scheme.

Service promo: With the kind of faculty this institute has, your ward will come out with knowledge, wisdom and talent to crack the toughest of tests. They would be project heads, they would be trend setters, they would be world leaders.

9. Onomatopoeia

Word or words, which when spoken or pronounced, imply a sound accurately.

General example: There is a chitter-chatter over there in the corridor.

Service promo: When you are using this consultancy service, you can chat with an expert at the click of a button.

10. Anadiplosis

This is a figure of speech wherein a word or a group of words at the end of a clause, get repeated near or somewhere near the start of the next clause.

General example: He said to himself, “This is the day, the day that can rack or ruin my aspirations.”

Product promo: In fact, this kind of arm-chair is a luxury, but a luxury that is necessary.

Service promo: Our boutique is an ultimate abode of style and fashion, the style and fashion that speak.

Let us discover More Literary Devices

These are but a few literary devices. There are hundreds of many more. Apart from the common literary devices, there are some that are less frequently used. Choose from there the ones that can help you sell better.

Write more and more catchy sentences using them and apply your writing expertise to create the first step of the funnel for selling your services and products.

In essence, you need to develop two skills. One of finding out the appropriate literary device and the other of a precise way of using such a device for an item of the affiliate program.

Meanwhile, I will try to fill this page with more such literary devices and more examples. All the best.