Haiku learning, writing may help students express well as they gain vocabulary, develop own writing styles and above all, learn to think creatively. Some examples of haiku poetry 5-7-5 will follow.

Fall Haiku

Snowfall spreads despair, Minds sealed, eyes sad, all indoors, Path – only solace!

Butterfly Haiku

Butterfly flies freely, Singing songs to blooming buds,  Whispers with the breeze.

Animal Haiku

Strong and tall it stands, Miracle of Almighty. So are tiniest!

Tree Haiku

Humbly prays to God, The tree still talks to the skies, To save our dear earth .

Rainbow Haiku

Colors of life change. As rainbow forms after rain, Joys replace sorrows.

Funny Haiku

The monkey dressed up  But got insulted and said, “World not so easy!”

Morning Haiku

Night - tough and testing, Morning is so cool and fresh, All the pain is gone!

Bird Haiku

Cute beak, hopeful eyes, The little soul’s gaze is fixed far, The world is so small.

River Haiku

There are hindrances, But quiet flows the blue river, Happily forever.

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