Watch 10 horror story scenes that might boost your imagination  and help you write your next horror story.

She was deep asleep and little did she know  someone was watching her. Her parents thought she was safe, but was she?

We knew the soul was somewhere near. We had goosebumps when the ghost mom suddenly emerged with her baby.

Kids frolicked in knee-deep water. But they were badly shocked when a huge water-monster suddenly surfaced near the shore.

She waited all the day long, sitting in the river water. She was sure the body would come drifting to her with the flow.

She was about to move out. The window-pane was broken. Suddenly a hand entered from the window and almost touched Neera's head!

She had got the signal. She went out in the wee hours, collected lots of red, dry leaves and waited. She knew the soul would come...

How could this man be alive? She knew for sure, Terry died two years back. And here he was, sipping coffee. Could she be so wrong?

Antonio found the bridge entirely shattered. Johny's boat was almost finished. To top it all, the monster rose from water close behind Johny. Absolutely no hope!

I realized a dangerous chuckle on her beautiful face. All the people in the crowd concentrated on the preacher. But her gaze pointed in a different direction...