Story locales are what make a story interesting. Here are 10 suggestions of spots where you may take your suspense-story to, so that mystery increases manifold. There are example sentences too.

10. Remote Railway Tracks

Greta knew Jack  was a criminal on the run but still she agreed for a clandestine meeting with him near the secluded railway tracks.

9. A Hidden  Room 

It was shocking to know that though I had been living in the house for 2 years, I was quite in dark about this hidden room beneath my floor.

8. Near the Burial Ground

He would hand over the letter to Memtro near the burial ground because it was a desolate spot. She reached on time. 

7. Lonely Jungle Road

She had called and asked Jonathan to meet on the jungle road. Though it was noon, ominous feelings shrouded him. 

6. Outskirts of the City

She quickened her steps as the road would soon wear a deserted look. 

5. Entrance to the Ruins 

At las Sam found the door to the ruins. Inside, there was an atmosphere of absolute murkiness.

4. Corner Table 

I spotted her on the corner table of a hotel. And I was shocked. She didn’t at all appear sad.

3. A lonely Hut 

When Angella came to her senses, she found herself lying inside a dilapidated hut. Her limbs were free. But how was she here? 

2. On a Boat in Deep Waters 

Where is Goniac taking Juvitara on that lone boat? Does he have a wicked intention in his mind?

When Jen had a quick glance on the pool, she was wonder-struck. A hand rose above water as if somebody was struggling to get help. 

1. A Dark Pool