Negative thoughts give rise to anxiety, depression, anger and lots of other disorders. Here are 10 life-changing-hacks on how to remove negative thoughts from mind permanently.

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Try to identify where your voice and thoughts are going negative and what triggers them. Pondering and self-talk help doing this.

1. Identify Your Enemy

Relate your positive thoughts to real situations in life and expel discouraging thoughts. For example, recall in mind a moment when you achieved success 

2. Challenge Negative Thought

Meditation nullifies and stops negative thoughts and helps body gain energy. It eases tension   and enhances the space available to thought processes.

3. Meditation

Do things that are right. Also, do them in the right way. For example, why should one delay paying a bill? Rather, create a monthly payment routine and follow it.

4. Right Action

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You may take the help of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to recognize and cure your negative thought patterns.

5. Find Out Thought Distortion

Practice replacing phrases like ‘Patient’s overall health is deteriorating’ with ‘Patient is fighting and surviving bravely’.

6. Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones (Affirmation)

Practicing gratitude makes you feel the pleasure around you. This is a great wellness-booster.

7. Follow the Principle of Gratitude

Create two columns. Jot down all your negative thoughts in one column and write how you could have improved your thoughts, in the second column. 

8. Write Your Thoughts

Find time to pray to the Creator of us all. Prayer fills your mind with good thoughts because the mind achieves absolute purity when you wish wellbeing of others around you.

9. Prayer Time

It has been correctly said that laughter is the best medicine. So, create moments in life that give you opportunity to laugh and have fun.

10. Create Jolly Moments

Disclaimer: This story is a product of self-research and not meant to replace advice from a physician. Consult a medical professional for personalized guidance.