Create stories from your imagination by observing the upcoming prompts and pictures

Had he time-travelled to ancient ruins? If that was true he would definitely look for his grandpa's house.

She uploaded her vision on a semi conductor memory device. Now the device on her table would see and identify.

Sometime in 2032, the year of "Neural Oscillations", those who will have the ability to think deepest would rule the world. Techniques to strengthen mind-waves are already in vogue.

An imminent danger lurks on earth. People flee. Today's last space shuttle is about to leave. It will accommodate only 1000 more persons.

He took to me to a strange valley called 'magic valley' and said, " If you scream out your problems, it would echo back your solution in a few words." 

'Devastator aliens' have stopped 0.93% of solar energy available to earth. They claim to stop entire solar energy to earth in course of the next 167 days.

Thousands of unfixable computer viruses and malwares have given birth to "machine-to-man digital ghosts". They have the power to creep into a user's mind.

To his astonishment, Darlington saw that the bridge was broken. Their strategy was entirely dependent on the bridge. " What will happen now?", he murmured.

God was supposed to appear in the valley in the wee hours. Even kids of the village woke up early and ran towards the valley.

The old man played a sad tune on the guitar. I was sure I had seen this fellow somewhere earlier. And soon, I was able to recollect.

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