Story Writing Prompts for Beginners

Choose any from the upcoming picture prompts and write a story. Enjoy story writing from prompts and your writing will improve for sure.

Jepp, his wife and brother decide to go to the hotel on foot. The road is lonely and they have a lot of money in their suitcases.


Two rabbits are playing beside a river. Suddenly one of them notices a wolf hiding in the bushes. Rabbits make a plan to escape.


Bela, by chance, bought a magic pen from a flea market. She has not disclosed this to her friends. The secret is, the pen writes correct answer to any question by itself.


There is a hut on the boundary of the village. Villagers believe the hut is possessed. A young, educated man comes to the village. He busts all the myths.


Vasant is on way to school. It starts raining. He takes shelter in a small shop. He helps the shopkeeper mend a leakage in the roof. But he’s late for school.


All the animals in the jungle gather at a meeting organized by the lion king. A squirrel raises a point, “Where is the big neem tree gone?”


A butterfly hears two birds talking. They are talking about a beautiful river that flows nearby. The butterfly visits the river.


Two children see a big fight going on  due to an accident. They play a trick to calm down the quarrel.


Baby’s mother is not home. The baby crawls out of the house and is proceeding towards a well. But a dog miraculously saves the baby.


Parents of Jasmine have no money to celebrate her birthday. A shop keeper will give balloons & sweets in exchange for her favourite flute. Would she agree?


A space vehicle descends from the sky and to everyone’s awe, an army of aliens alights from it. All the people of our town hide indoors.


Picture Prompts for Creative Writing

Do more and more practice of writing stories from prompts. This will make your writing free from errors.