We shall write 10 sentences on the topic ‘health is wealth’. For a paragraph on the topic, we may put the sentences continuously one after another.  Credit: CANVA

#1 It is truly said that ‘health is wealth’. Else, what is a life full of diseases and pains? Credit: Unsplash

#2 Material wealth is nothing if its benefits cannot be enjoyed due to one’s poor health. Credit: Unsplash 

#3 Imagine about a rich person with a serious health issue. If he was cured in one month, he lost a month without enjoying life. Isn't that a bigger issue than loss of wealth? Credit: Unsplash 

#4 It is often said, “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. So, we must take care of both physical and mental health. Credit: Unsplash 

#5 Following a daily exercise-schedule keeps you in shape and you can execute your regular job assignments efficiently. Credit: Canva

#6 One must also take a balanced diet to supplement all important ingredients in the body and avoid laziness and obesity. Credit: Unsplash 

#7 One tries to protect fast outflow of money. Similarly, one must take good care of health so that age and diseases do not upset her/ his normal living. Credit: Unsplash 

#8 Also, everyone tries to increase their wealth and in a similar way, one must try a living suitable for betterment of one’s health. Credit: Unsplash 

#9 How will you enjoy a walk up a hilly road with pain in your knees or a swim in a pool with a frozen shoulder?  Credit: Unsplash 

#10 So, even if you have not taken good care of your health till now, start today and with consistency and perseverance. You will recover your lost wealth of health. Credit: Unsplash 

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