4 New Techniques to Write a Haiku Within minutes

Last updated on October 17th, 2023 at 09:59 pm

To write a Haiku is sometimes same as finding some time for yourself. If you think your thoughts cannot be molded into poems, then wait! there is a Haiku waiting for you.

With a Haiku, you need not rhyme, only your words must be soothing to the soul. Or you can go with a relaxation even at that point. So, no bindings, no boundaries. Only, thoughts in motion.

4 New Techniques to Write a Haiku

The following 4 techniques will help you write a Haiku very easily. Once you start using these techniques, you will also note that your haikus are improving and you’re getting more likes and comments on your posts.

Opening Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

1. Write the Clue Words

Going with this technique, you look at a picture and write a number of clue words. That means, you write words that spontaneously come to your mind while having a look at the image. Then you work the words up and try with various permutations and combinations to reach a well conceived 5-7-5 Haiku.

Here’s an example. The image below gives us the following clue words:

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Dance, frolic, childhood, relaxing, nostalgia etc. Then I pondered over the words and reached at this:

Lost into days gone,

Invited old friends, to be

A child for a day.

2. Put Yourself in the Image

In this technique, you look at an interesting picture and imagine yourself being in the picture. The thoughts that originate in your mind, will give you an idea to pen a feeling. Next is how you make your writing fit into the 5-7-5 format.

The image below makes me think there is no span of time in a big city when all the people are asleep. The city, perhaps, has emotions and expressions. It laughs, cries and remains sleepless because its populace exploits it endlessly. As a walker on its streets, I would have sung these lines:

Photo by real_ jansen on Unsplash

Hope, despair, joys, woes

Are but your possessions, sure,

Don’t you sleep O! wen?

3. Recall an Incident

When her son was in the 3rd standard, he was participating in a sprint. After the race, mom hugged him and said,” All the participants prayed at the start for a win. Did you?” The son replied smiling, “Mom I had a glance at you. You appeared so nervous.”

If you can recall an event, you can write a haiku.

I was to perform;

I glanced my nervous mom while

Others prayed to God.

4. Compose a Haiku While on Move (Hope you’re not driving 😁😁)

Great ideas come when you look through the window while on move. Look at what a friend composed while moving through a serene forest road. And he whatsapped me this, along with a pic :

Streams call for a dive,

Through the green forest I drive,

Winds so fresh and live.

So, Ready for the Dive?

Start writing, now itself and compose at least one with each technique. I bet, when you write a haiku, you will feel composed, calm and cool.