10 Advantages of Developing Your Child’s Writing Skills at an Early Stage

Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 09:17 pm

Writing skills are fun entwined in learning. I believe every parent should apply a methodical approach to develop her or his child’s writing skills. Because it is one of those few indispensable skills that propel her/ him to plan, organize and display thoughts.

My experiments with writing prompts have taught me how much a kid learns and uplifts her/ him with a single piece of writing. This article is a spontaneous result of such thoughts.

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If you are not yet convinced that your ward should write everyday then read the following 10 points and I bet you’ll have given a writing exercise to your child before completely reading this article:

#1 Early Writing Skills Development Makes Children Good Thinkers and Organizers

When you try to develop your child’s writing skills by way of providing him writing prompts or topics to write about, you are in fact propelling him to think. In the process, the kid reflexively thinks, plans and organizes his thoughts to place them on paper. This is no mean effect. Take it seriously.

#2 Writing Skills Get Them Good Grades

You can ask a seasoned school teacher and she will certainly approve this. As many school and college tests involve writing a piece — an essay, a paragraph or a story, good little writers fare marvelously therein. The maturity gained due to improvement in thinking adds more marks to their marksheets.

#3 Enhanced Writing Skills Improve Reading Skills and Understanding of Lessons

There is no doubt about the fact that an attempt to better one’s writing skills enhances vocabulary. In turn, reading gets better. Hence, such writer students understand their lessons better in comparison to non-writers.

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#4 Development of Writing Skills Increases Focus and Promptness

If you happen to follow children’s writing classes closely, you’ll observe that writing is an active skill. The child constantly needs to think, concentrate and imagine. Unlike reading, that is more passive in comparison, the kid is not being spoon-fed. She’s rather preparing material for others to go through. Plus, writing makes them weigh their creation through every sentence so no one should make a mockery of their thoughts.

#5 They Maintain the Accuracy of Emphasis

With the development of writing expertise, your child learns to express something with a measured degree of emphasis. See this example: “Punish him for his misbehavior.” Perhaps you don’t want to go so hard on him. So, the expert writer writes, “Take corrective action in respect of him for his misbehavior.”

#6 Writing Hobby May Become a Profession at a Later Stage

With commercialization of every art, the art of writing has never lagged behind. Writers are getting 5-6 figure payouts.

Starting from the top novelists to the level of petty blog writers, part-time writers and freelancers, all kinds of writers are earning good money.

In short, writing has, of late, become a money churning profession. Even in the office life, you can’t even tread a step without e-mails, legal notes, drafts and dictations.

Therefore, if your kid is adopting writing as a hobby, it’s good news for you.

#7 Children Learn to Present Their Thoughts in a Formal Way

See this to observe why children should learn to express their statements in a letter in a formal way:

Informal: Perhaps I can get the approval of further study from you.

Formal: I sincerely hope your esteemed institution will grant the approval of further studies to me.

8# Writing Keeps Your Child Happy Without Involvement of Others

This is such a skill that becomes an entertainment for an adolescent. If a growing child enjoys writing, he goes on spontaneously. Hours together, he remains in a state of joy while he writes, needs no company to play and no mate to help.

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9# Writing Skills Develop Personality

Writing strengthens communication skills. Alongside, the child starts forming opinions and thinking logically. This is a big boost in personality development. As we know knowledge is power and it goes without mentioning that quest for new topics to write about and new words to ornament one’s writing, keep adding to your knowledge bank. As a result public speaking, oration, debates etc. become easy for such a child.

10# Writing Makes Them Mature and Tolerant

As a writing kid thinks with reason and analyses thoughts, he is more likely to mature up and starts understanding things around him quite early. When such kids grow up they are stable, tolerant and rational.

Be Careful While Giving Writing Exercises

Take care not to force a writing exercise on your child. Rather write one and show him the way. Else develop it partially and leave the rest for the kid.

You might also mix up the writing test with text and visual topics to write about.

And lastly, give them a suitable corner in the house where they can think and write calmly. Equip this corner with pens, pencils, laptop, earphone and all other necessary items.

Let’s Do It

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