Easiest Conversational Tone Writing Guide- 20 Plus Tips (Which Really Work)

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If you grind your blog posts like you wrote your doctorate dissertation then take it

from me, you’re not going too far on the net.


Conversational tone, beyond doubt, is the best writing style to create a

successful blog post. Here seopressor website enumerates 6 good reasons why

it’s so (refer the dotted box in the post).


Conversational Tone Meaning:


My simple understanding of conversational tone writing is writing as I’d

speak to someone. I won’t be formal. While speaking I stop intermittently.

Same would I do here.


I’d use simple, short sentences– then take a pause, then proceed further. I prefer

to write the way I speak in a relaxed manner.


When I was a attending my writing classes, I asked my teacher this and see

what she said ?


My query: “But I quarrel with my friends, abuse them at times and often burst into guffaws in their

company. Do you mean I shall do the same while  writing my post in conversational tone?”


Reply: “Nothing stops you from that. Rather quarrel more fiercely, laugh louder and abuse…  (…this a bit lightly…) to get noticed on the internet.” 


The Mistakes That We Make


There are great articles on internet that have just terrific descriptions,

breathtaking photos and wealth of information. Yet they keep rusting  on the

farthest pages of Google.


Analyzing deeply I could construe only one reason. Yep! you guessed it right.

The writing style doesn’t connect. The writer doesn’t talk to the reader. She’s,

throughout, orating to her audience from a high dais.


Here’s a cursory view of the mistakes that we, the bloggers, often make:

  1. Your voice sounds like that of a preacher.
  2. You’re telling your story in one go.
  3. Being indifferent to the reader.
  4. Are you too technical?
  5. You’re imposing jargon.
  6. Perhaps you’re not putting your soul into it.

Conversational Tone Writing Posts Already Abound…


This question was sure to come! 


There’s a plethora of posts on the internet about conversational style writing.

Websites ranging from the most successful to the meanest ones have enlightened bloggers

on this. 


But yet, I know many a student of the blogosphere who find it quite difficult

to adopt the style. Researching into this, I arrived at the conclusion that the

best way was to provide ready food — just uncover the dish and savor.


So I crafted (a) Some psychologically intriguing daily life situations which create scope

for conversational tone writing and (b) Penned suitable conversational tone

examples for such situations so you’d be able to keep choosing from them

whenever you need.


These situations

  1. Create conversational tone set-up
  2. Strike a chord.
  3. Produce vibes to feel good
  4. Are sometimes forms of self contemplation
  5. Are the moments of faith in you
  6. Make your readers join you in your mission

20 Plus Psychologically Crafted Tips


Similar looking sentences create monotony for the reader. That makes a

boring read even if you’re trying hard to write impeccably. So you need

variants of the conversational situations.


I’ve prepared a repository of such situations and also examples of sentences

to be used in these situations. You can choose from them  whenever you need



Here we go. Below you get three examples of conversational tone

writing for each situation :


1. Swear by  something or someone 


  1. I swear by the holy river I didn’t copy anything and was still charged of plagiarism.
  2. This day, I take an oath that I shall help every needy blogger in whatever way possible.
  3. Friends, pledge on this page (Comments) that you’ll come back after successful completion of the $1000 challenge.


2. Take your reader on a dream tour


  1. Now, I take you on the trillion dollar voyages to the dens of bloggers with humongous earnings.
  2. Follow me and we’ll soon be entering the secrets of rosy health.
  3. And if you’re really interested in buying my idea I can open the gates of monetary freedom for you.


3. Match your reader to certain criteria


  1. So if you’ve penned more than 30 articles already, and I believe you definitely have, get ready to learn my 7 figure techniques.
  2. In case you’re no less natty than Kim Kardashian, you can definitely go for this brand of goggles.
  3. Hit the  ‘Publish’ button only after you’ve compared your post to one by any renowned writer and find it better than that.

4. Insult your audience


  1. You think it’s a game of poker?
  2. If you find it so funny you’re giggling, drop your aim to pocket the deal immediately.
  3. What? Complete the post in 5 days? Do you think blogging is nothing serious? 


Image credit: pixabay.com

5. Lash out at them


  1. It’s already April, man!! What are you waiting for?
  2. Hold on! don’t speak a word…
  3. Keep quiet till I teach you!


6. Express helplessness- Surrender to win


  1. “I’m sure I don’t have all the answers but tell I must, these are the best ones.”
  2. I give in and invite you (readers) to suggest new tricks.
  3. Without you, my readers, my best posts are nothing but a meaningless mass of words.


conversational tone writing
Laugh at yourself to make others laugh

7. Laugh at yourself to make them laugh


  1. I applied for my first job to as many as 22 employers and almost everywhere got kicked in the a**.
  2. My first poem fetched me 21 comments. Everyone persuaded me to keep away from poetry. It proved to be the last one.
  3. When I started out on the net my headlines would be kinda “Advantages and Disadvantages of Learning a New Language”- like in textbooks.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

8. Question and answer by self


  1. So shouldn’t I be allowed to do the trick for you? I think I should most definitely be.
  2. So are you a nincompoop to not go for it? I guess you don’t want to be called one.
  3. Who says one can’t become a web writer easily? I support that too.


9. You’ve to listen to your reader


  1. So you’ve to choose one of the two- either write short stories or write non-fiction. What did you say? Short stories? OK, done.
  2. Anxieties and pains vex you only till you haven’t expressed hem. Whisper away all your secret into my ears and I’ll give you the solutions.
  3. Write everything you’ve secretly planned, on a piece of paper and submit it to yourself. If you can’t do anything about it, submit it to me.


10. Show love and empathy for your reader

Daily life situations converted to conversational tone writing
A writer should have and depict sympathy for her readers

Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash


  1. This is the point where the going gets tough. But dear, how can I leave you in the midst of difficulties. Here I come with two easy solutions.
  2. If you’re dog-tired after a gruesome office day, my tips will serve you a warm bath. Or they’ll feel like a soothing lotion being applied to your weary soles.
  3. All my preaching is worthless if I don’t feel your pain exactly the way you do.


11. Give an opportunity to your reader to contemplate


  1. Close your eyes for a moment. Think for a while. Which of the three choices will you go with?
  2. Give me a valid reason as to why a bank shouldn’t lend you a personal loan. And also, why it should.
  3. But tell me why not your post be declassed from the blogosphere?


12. Remind them their past


  1. Think hard, why have you been a loser all along? Think of the blunders you’ve made during your career.
  2. You’ve created miracles. And so you can in future. It’s only a matter of time.
  3. Its a matter of glory that the children whom you’ve taught, are now ruling the world.


13. About the company they keep


  1. Do you feel OK with the new web writers?
  2. I had the opportunity to sit face to face with Bill Gates and question him.
  3. Sitting with my audience and discussing matters was a unique experience.


14. Throw a challenge or bet on something


  1. I bet you can become a freelance writer in one month and start earning $1K every month.
  2. I challenge you to write a thousand words every day.
  3. Take a chance- send your new article to Forbes!


15. Flatter your reader


  1. While writing this I can perceive, you have the ability. You can achieve. And so I believe with all my heart.
  2. I know you possess a high IQ brain and it’s possible for you to crack toughest of exams.
  3. I believe you’ve penned viral posts. It’s high time you started earning huge.


16. Gestures to the reader:


  1. I’m here again. Waves at you.
  2. I earned my first 100 dollars as a freelance writer.

        Fist pump/ Smiley/ Capitalize to show you’re loud, like: HURRAH!!

3. So, let’s bye it. It’s deal.

        Handshake/ OK friends?


Situations converted to conversational tone writing
Gestures for your reader/ Image credit: pixabay.com


17. Exclamation of joy:

conversational tone writing
Image credit: pixabay.com
  1. That’s fabulous! I can’t believe this!!
  2. A jaw-dropping scene it was!
  3. Can you believe this!


18. Warn your reader


  1. If you don’t renew your hosting immediately your site’s gonna be locked.
  2. Better, be cautious about your vision.
  3. Don’t spend lavishly. Soon you may not have anything left for a rainy day.


19. Convey them your availability for help.


  1. You may be my regular reader or not. I don’t care. I’m available for you 24 by 7.
  2. In case you find any difficulty drop me an email and I’ll reply immediately.
  3. Chat with me anytime you like and I shall solve your problems at once.


20. Give a dictation/ an instruction:


  1. Write on a piece of paper your most nagging problems.
  2. Next, make 3 columns under each. These columns contain …….Then fill these columns for each of the problems….
  3. Start jotting down. I shall give you 3 prescriptions. First…


21. Reminisce a story


  1. That night a severe snowfall had deserted the town even though the church clock had just struck nine…
  2. Dad had a massive cardiac arrest and was admitted to ‘Amazing Health’ hospital . I was only nine then.
  3. Hardly had I mentioned Dad’s name when he handed over the house keys to me.


Your Strategy for Conversational Tone Writing


Like everything, we’ve to have a strategy for conversational tone writing. This

was but a starting point. What I meant all along was every situation in life can

be molded to a conversational representation.


The first step is to put your article on paper the way it flows naturally. Next,

you start realizing the situations you’re in. And then you choose the right

conversational style from your repository.


The moral here is to keep your repository ready with a huge variety of

conversational tone sentences.


My Post is Incomplete Without Your Views


Are you learning the art of conversational tone writing? Do you find the idea of

maintaining a cache of conversational sentence styles purposeful?

If yes, give me an example (in the comments section) of a conversational

sentence wherein a life situation is depicted.


Make it a habit. Make it a lifestyle to convert intriguing situations

to conversational sentences. With your  expertise  increasing and the variety of

your cache expanding, a viral blog post will be quite commonplace for you.








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