G20 Summit 2023 Word Quiz in English | Master the Related Terms

The ‘G20 Summit 2023 Word Quiz in English’ intends to improve your knowledge of terms being used in connection with G20 Summit 2023.

There are 25 questions in this quiz and a correct answer gives you 1 mark. However, there is no negative marking for wrong answers. You can match your answers with the correct answers given at the end of this exercise.

Having completed this test, you’ll be able to assess your performance in connection with the specific vocabulary being used in the summit. Though there remains a lot more to learn about the summit terminology, yet the performance in the given test is an indication of your awareness.

So, without any further delay, let’s enter the test.

G20 Summit 2023 Word Quiz in English

Read the following questions carefully and choose the correct answer-options:

  1. What does the word ‘summit’ mean? a) the bottom-most point of a tower b) an important meeting between leaders of countries c) a lake above sea level d) a union of 5 countries
  2. The invitee was requested to deliver a short speech on climate change. Who is an invitee? a) one who has invited b) one who is invited c) one who writes the invitation d) the host
  3. Choose the word with correct spelling: a) ministrial b) ministireal c) minsterial d) ministerial
  4. What is the plural of the word ‘crisis’? a) crisiss b) crisen c) crises d) crisises
  5. The term ‘intergovernmental’ means a) involving two or more governments b) within a government c) belonging to NGOs d) that can enter a government
  6. The term ‘sustainable development’ refers to a) development at a fast pace b) development that cares about present as well as future generations c) development that takes inflation into account d) None of the above
  7. Choose the best option to fill the gap in the following sentence: The lecturers and students ……….. at the institute for the seminar. a) convened b) united c) accumulated d) went
  8. Which option defines a ‘multilateral organization’ in the most apt way? a)An organization in a single country b) an organization with various specific functions c) an organization with a large number of employees d) An organization comprising 3 or more countries with common interest
  9. What is a ‘mock drill’? a) an act of bravery by an unexpected person b) a compromise among the representatives of nations c) the name given to a party at a night club d) a rehearsed, intentionally formatted operation to remain alert
  10. Choose the word with correct spelling: a) surveillance b) surviellance c) surveillence d) serveillance
  11. A ‘marquee summit’ is one that a) denotes pettiness b) is associated with high profile participants c) is held at the top of a hill d) has a mark or logo of its own
  12. In the phrase ‘climate change mitigation’, what does the term ‘mitigation’ stand for? a) Unintentionally spreading pollution b) covering a place for safety c) reducing the pain or intensity d) turning something into a ductile material
  13. The word ‘concurrent’ means a) existing or happening at the same time b) occurring due to same reason c) of a similar origin d) of same virtual appearance
  14. What are the signs of an emerging market? a) a market with partial signs of a developed market b) a fast developing market c) a market that may become a developed market in future d) all of the above
  15. The term ‘demographic changes’ indicates a) changes in population b) changes in terrain pattern c) changes in thought patterns d) changes in postural patterns
  16. What is the meaning of the italicized word in the phrase burgeoning economic crisis of 2008′? a) relating to supply chain b) beginning to improve slowly c) touching the finish line d) beginning to increase rapidly
  17. “The crisis widened soon.” Name the part of speech for the word ‘soon’. a)adjective b) adverb c) verb d) noun
  18. Three of the following sentences have a similar meaning. Find out the odd one: a) The proposal of curtailing industrialization was ruled out by some developing countries. b) The proposal of curtailing industrialization was turned down by some developing countries. c) The proposal of curtailing industrialization was agreed upon by some developing countries. d) The proposal of curtailing industrialization was disapproved by some developing countries.
  19. The word ‘culminate’ means a) to bother too much b) to motivate c) to go underway d) to result in
  20. Which of the following options best defines the word ‘consensus’? a) farther b) unanimity c) cold war d) establishment
  21. “Food will be served to G20 guests in silverware with engraved motifs and gold utensils.” What does the word ‘motif’ mean? a) a glass like utensil b) a picture or pattern on something c) pal d) placard
  22. Which of the following is an antonym of ‘plush’? a) cheap b) costly c) dear d) wide
  23. This is a diplomatic move from the developed nations. Which of the following words may replace the word ‘diplomatic’ most fittingly? a) tactical b) successful c) unsuccessful d) wrong
  24. What is the meaning of the word ‘communique’? a) a government’s official statement b) the verdict of a judge c) a technical term related to telecommunication d) a quantization machine
  25. “A large part of the country A’s loan is owed to country ‘B’.” What does the statement indicate? a) country B has paid back all its loan to country A b) country A has paid back all its loan to country B c) country A is to pay back a loan in part to country B d) country B is to pay back a loan in part to country A

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1b,2b,3d,4c,5a,6b,7a,8d,9d,10a,11b,12c,13a,14d,15a,16d,17b,18c,19d,20b, 21b,22a,23a,24a,25c

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