How to Dig Into Simple Discussions to Get Trendy Topics for Blogs (Writer’s Block – A Thing of the Past )

Last updated on March 11th, 2023 at 01:33 pm

Blog post ideas were once alien to me. But I happened to discover an immensely valuable technique to find trendy topics for blogs.

It happened by chance. I mean, the discovery. Discoveries are spontaneous things and take place by chance – I must say.

On a usual summer day, with her usual smile, Shelley uttered a usual ‘Hey what’s up?’

And that’s where I discovered.

Now when I’ve known this, I wonder what on earth is writer’s block.

simple statements can lead you to greta blog post ideas
Dig your way to greta blog post ideas

But an important disclosure here: (whisper, suppressed voice…) – oftentimes I too didn’t know what to write about. I’m talking about the time I was a newbie blogger. My God! How scared I was at times! Not knowing what to write about…

And now? You’ll laugh, having known I can derive a hundred topics to write from a statement like, “ Hey, what’s up?”

Hold your breath. Open your eyes and learn how.

What do I mean by a simple discussion or statement?

A statement that emerges in a discussion can be game.

Another one may be a news headline.

It could be as simple as the one your friend just uttered. Like, “Hey John…what’s up?”

Believe it or not ! But even this ‘Hey John…’ kind of statement has the potential to produce an umpteen number of shining blog post ideas.

Wondering how?

Read on.

The Dig Process:

blog post ideas by digging
Start digging and you get a huge number of blog post ideas

A simple statement moves you in one particular direction. Someone says,” Phelps is an unbeatable swimmer.”

Grab the statement. Try to understand its meaning in all possibilities. Thereafter, start exploring (Digging) it. Take your imagination to the wildest limits. This is the point where you get lots of trendy topics for blog writing. Filter a number of reasonable topics from among those.

This completes ‘The Dig Process’.

In the following discussion we shall move ahead with an example or two and then conclude with the rules of the game.

Thereafter you’ll never suffer from dearth of ideas in your lifetime. And writer’s block? Ha…ha…ha… it’s BLOCKED FOREVER …

Example #1.

Sample Statement:  “It will rain tomorrow.”

The statement might be a prediction from a friend or could be a weather forecast headline for a particular place on a news channel or anything for that matter.

Let’s dig it to find some article ideas.

The statement being so simple, there’s absolutely no need to dive deep into its meaning.

Next you may explore it, asking questions using what, why. how etc.


The obvious things that come to mind are

What is rain?

What are clouds?

Name different kind of clouds?

Enumerate good (or bad) effects of rain (for something)?

What could be one’s protection against heavy rain?


Starting from such obvious questions you can slightly scale up your thoughts and start forming a headline or two.

For example, I’m creating one (Still in raw stage): Factors leading to formation of clouds over (your city) New Delhi

Another (Still unrefined) : Do you know what kind of clouds generally form over New York city?

While digging the facts, remember to take your research along. For instance, when you google you’ll find names like ‘cirrostratus’, ‘altocumulus’, ‘cumulonimbus’ … etc. Sorry, I forgot to tell you; these are names given to different kinds of clouds.

So you can see how DIGGING enriches your knowledge, vocabulary and of course your inventory of new and writable blog post ideas.

Next, you might utter, “ I didn’t go out since it was raining heavily.”

“So what were you doing?”

“I was writing blog posts all day.”

This leads to another headline:

The tale of how heavy rain increased my writing productivity

OR (more blogger like)

How the rainy season helped me complete my first book within 37 days (*)


Now that we’ve gathered some expertise, let’s move on to writing a few headlines right away by digging with ‘HOW’:

How may the wheat crops be affected due to heavy rains this year?

Still better

5 New Ideas to Save Your Crops This Rainy Season (*)

You may create lots of similar headlines and then choose the most trendy topics for blogs from among these.


While digging about ‘rain’ I came across an article

“These Cities Can Handle a Little Rain: The 10 Most Waterproof Towns in America”. (Here’s the link)

As I went through the article my attention was attracted by the fact that Mobile is the rainiest among the top ten such cities. The places that one can still visit and enjoy are listed in the post. Hence I got an idea

So finally trying a polished, blogger like headline here:

3 Best Spots to Visit on a Rainy Day in Mobile, Alabama (*)

Among the above headlines I’ve filtered the starred ones for writing.

Since we had some practice, let’s formulate the rules:

1. OBTAIN: Get a simple statement.
2. UNDERSTAND: Think what this statement came from, what actually it is and what may happen due to this.
3. DIG: Explore it deep with the help of WHAT, WHY, HOW and WHEN questions.
4. MOULD: Convert your thoughts into intriguing headlines.
5. CHOOSE: Select the most writable and likely-to-go-viral headlines from these
6. WRITE: Now you’ve lots of blog post ideas. Choose one and start writing

Example #2.

Sample Statement: Hey John…what’s up? (OBTAINED)

As the statement is very simple, there’s no need to go into the meaning. (UNDERSTOOD)

The Dig:

John is a friend.

What’s he doing?

What does he do as a pastime?

What’s his hobby? (*)

Do his hobbies earn money for him?

Perhaps John’s hobbies will turn into his occupation later

Does John work more or sleep more?

Perhaps he looks composed and contented because he sleeps well (DUG )

Some headlines obtained from digging:

Foster a hobby that can earn riches for you 

A hobby of product reviewing can turn into your profession (*)

5 Great Benefits We Derive From Sleeping Well (*)

…and counting …


Last but not the least

I’ve only marked a path. A path, that traversed well, has the potential to give a jolt to one of the important parts of a writer in you, i.e. imagination to search for new writing ideas.

Even the above two statements still have huge untapped resources lying below them in crude ore form. It’s only a matter of digging deep.

No matter, what niche you rear or what statement you go for, there is a huge treasure trove everywhere.  Only thing is you’ve to explore to the farthest and tiniest particle.

Should writer’s block ever haunt you, start digging. And blog post ideas will start pouring in.

Speak up

Now, it’s your turn. Please speak up if you want me to include something more. Please comment and share so everybody will be benefited. And most of all, always remember “You grow every time you share.”

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