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The key to writing an effective My Book My Inspiration essay is to focus on the specific aspects of the book that resonate with you, be it the theme, the characters, or the writing style.

To do this, it is important to read the book several times, taking notes, and reflecting on your thoughts and emotions.

Additionally, structuring your thoughts and ideas clearly is crucial for a successful essay, as it ensures that your argument is coherent and logical.

At the end of the article, you get to download a copy of free ‘My Book My Inspiration essay 1500 words PDF’.

In this article, we will go by this approach:

  • Divide the essay into a number of topics
  • Expand each part to complete the essay
  • Devise a working tip from each step
  • List the individual working tips together to create a step-by-step guide.

So, let’s jump in.

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The Essay

As stated in the working methodology, we shall first write the My Book My Inspiration essay in about 1500 words.

It will have 7 parts. After completing the essay, we shall draw conclusions from each individual part as to how we penned it and then summarize the guiding principles towards the end from the conclusions drawn. So, here we go for the essay.

My Book My Inspiration: ‘The Other Side of Me’ by Sidney Sheldon

The name of my favourite book is ‘The Other Side of Me’ by Sidney Sheldon. It is an autobiography of the great writer Sidney Sheldon who is regarded as one of the top ten best selling fiction writers of all time.

Introducing ‘The Other Side of Me’ by Sidney Sheldon: A Book that Transformed Me

Books have always inspired me. They propel me to a world of imagination and creativity. One book that had a remarkable impact on my life is ‘The Other Side of Me’ by Sidney Sheldon published in 2005.

This book is a journey of self-exploration told in a compelling manner. Gradually we shall delve into how the book has transformed me as a person.

I was absorbed deeply into the happenings of the writer’s life from the very beginning of the book. The way Sidney Sheldon has penned his story, taught me that writing is not just about putting words on paper, but rather a way to express oneself and create a bridge to the reader.

The way Sheldon has depicted the emotions, the struggles, and the triumphs in his book, were so powerful that I felt as if I was experiencing them myself.

Moving deeper into the pages, I realized that this book was a blueprint to self-discovery. It helped me understand that life is full of obstacles and we must embrace our vulnerabilities and draw strength from them.

Concisely, the book helped me discover my calling, provided valuable life lessons, and inspired me to become a writer.

my book my inspiration essay 1500 words

How ‘The Other Side of Me’ Helped Me Discover My Passion

As I read ‘The Other Side of Me,’ I discovered my passion for writing. The way Sidney Sheldon knitted his story excited me to put my own thoughts and experiences on paper.

Gradually, I noticed the sophisticated details of the characters and the plot. The author has described each character’s emotions and actions so interestingly that they come to life in my mind’s eye.

I realized that writing improved my ability to communicate something to others through emotions and experiences.

‘The Other Side of Me’ helped me understand the importance of storytelling. The way Sidney Sheldon incorporated his twists and turns, made me perceive that every person has a something to tell, and it’s up to us to discover the courage and skill to tell it. In a way, the book pushed me to find my own voice and share it with others.

As I proceeded with the book, I started writing short stories and poems. I realized that writing, among other things, was able to heal my soul. Many feelings which I would not otherwise have expressed, were now flowing easily.

The book sparked a fire within me that has never died out. It opened up a new world of possibilities, and I am grateful for the inspiration it provided.

The Power of Self-Discovery: Lessons Learned From ‘The Other Side of Me’

‘The Other Side of Me’ by Sidney Sheldon taught me valuable lessons that have ever stayed with me. Some of them are as below:

Embrace My Vulnerabilities

The book taught me that vulnerability is not a weakness but a strength. The writer faced his weaknesses head-on and emerged stronger because of them. It made me realize that our vulnerabilities make us human, and we should embrace them and face them rather than hide them.

Perseverance Pays

The writer faced numerous obstacles, but never gave up. He kept pushing forward, and eventually, his hard work paid off. The book teaches that success is not achieved overnight but through hard work, perseverance, and dedication.

Overcome Fear and Take Risks

The writer faced his fears and took risks to achieve his goals. It made me realize that sometimes, we have to step out of our comfort zone to achieve greatness.

‘In the depths of our souls, we are all capable of greatness, if only we have the courage to pursue it.’

From ‘The Other Side of Me’ by Sydney Sheldon

Self-Discovery is a Continuous Journey

‘The Other Side of Me’ showed that self-discovery is not a destination but a continuous journey. The writer discovers new things about himself throughout his life, and it made me realize that we are constantly evolving and changing.

In a nutshell, ‘The Other Side of Me’ by Sidney Sheldon taught me valuable lessons about life and the importance of introspection. It inspired me to embrace my vulnerabilities, persevere through challenges, take risks, and continue to learn and grow.

How ‘The Other Side of Me’ Changed My Perspective

The book opened me to new perspectives and completely changed the way I thought about the world around me.

It Taught Me Empathy

The complexity and depth of the book’s characters who were real people, awakened me to a different world. So, I developed a psychological relation with them.

As a result, I was now ready to be interested in anyone’s story and learn from it. I started applying kindness and compassion, even when I was unaware of others’ difficulties.


The importance of social networks in our lives has been given paramount importance in the book.

Since the characters in the book gained from their deep ties to the family members, I saw how crucial it was to have a support system in life. I started appreciating my relations and support the individuals I care about.

It motivated me to work for my goals.

The book’s characters with positive traits motivated me to follow my dreams. The book also taught me that we are never too late for taking up new things and following your passion.

‘The most incredible trait of all is to recognize your own potential and strive to become the best version of yourself.’

From ‘The Other Side of Me’ by Sydney Sheldon

My perspective on life changed

I realized that life is full of ups and downs but it is entirely in our hands how we deal with them. It taught me to be appreciative of what I had and to concentrate on the positives of life.

Overall, Sidney Sheldon’s “The Other Side of Me” has had a big influence on me. I gained by learning about empathy, relationships, and pursuing my dreams.

The Art of Writing: How ‘The Other Side of Me’ Inspired Me to Write

The book indirectly mentioned the importance of storytelling and how it can be used to convey powerful messages. It also taught me the value of using precise words to express my thoughts and emotions.

The book’s ingenious plot and sophisticated characters are a living proof of Sheldon’s skill as a writer, and it motivated me to make my writing multidimensional.

As a result of reading ‘The Other Side of Me,’ I started to write my own stories and explore my productivity as a writer. I discovered that writing was a comforting and rewarding feeling that allowed me to take a stand and connect with others at a deeper level.

The book continues to push me to be a better writer. It has given me the confidence to use power words to make a difference in the lives of others.

How ‘The Other Side of Me’ Motivated Me to Continue Moving Forward in the Face of Obstacles

I was able to overcome difficulties and hurdles in my own life after reading Sidney Sheldon’s “The Other Side of Me.” The hardships and difficulties the characters in the novel experienced were varied, and it was encouraging to see how they overcome them with resiliency and tenacity.

The book made me realise that although failures and setbacks are inevitable, it’s crucial to keep trying and never give up on your goals. The author encountered what seemed to be insurmountable challenges, yet he persisted and ultimately succeeded.

What ‘The Other Side of Me’ Means to Me Now and How Sidney Sheldon’s Book Still Motivates Me

Sidney Sheldon’s “The Other Side of Me” has inspired me throughout years and still does. I frequently refer back to the principles I learnt from the book since they have stuck with me.

I identify with the writer and the plot, and his path inspires me to seek self-knowledge, follow my passions, and overcome challenges. The influence that “The Other Side of Me” has had on my life is undeniable, and I am appreciative of the motivation it has given me.

7 Pro Tips on How to Write ‘My Book My Inspiration Essay’

As indicated earlier, the seven parts of the above essay were explored thoroughly and ultimately gave rise to the following tips. You can use these tips to write my book my inspiration essay with your own favorite book in mind.

  1. Choose the right book that has had a profound impact on your life. Now, describe how the book transformed you. Share your personal insights and experiences by citing real instances.
  2. Think of the book as your mentor. Write how you discovered your passion by observing the details of the events and the characters of the book deeply. Again, use real examples to make the facts in your essay believable.
  3. Did the book help you find a solution to your problems? If yes, do mention the specific problems and write how the book spoke of situations similar to those in your life and provided ways out. The process of self-discovery in the essay may strike a chord with the reader and be appreciated highly.
  4. What changes did the book bring about in your viewpoint? Did you start viewing things around you with a different angle? Ponder over this and write a gist. This part will reflect how the book changed your perspective of the world.
  5. Did you make any material gain from reading the book? Having read the book, did you gain anything like earning money, learning a skill, or giving some kind of service to others? If you gained any of these from the book, mention it in your essay.
  6. Has your favourite book taught you about resilience? Did it tell you anything about developing immunity against failure? Make a mention of such instances in the book. This will make your ‘My Book My Inspiration Essay’ very interesting.
  7. In my case, my favourite book continues to inspire me even today. Is your favourite book that has inspired you in the past, still relevant for you? If yes, then write in your essay how the book provides inspiration to you in the present.

Writing My Book My Inspiration Essay – a Thoroughly Enjoyable Experience

It is of utmost importance to choose the right book before you start writing this kind of essay.

Once decided, your job remains only that of discussing the main points which had a considerable effect on you.

Meanwhile, touch the main characters and their deeds that inspired you. Also, give some space to 2-3 important events that justify your points.

Writing My Book My Inspiration essay can be a truly enjoyable experience as it heals your psyche and provides you an opportunity to express yourself. Sit right now and enjoy the experience.

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FAQs on My Book My Inspiration Essay

What is the topic my book my inspiration about?

my book my inspiration essay

In fact, the topic ‘My Book My Inspiration’ is about
1. Choosing a book that inspired you in life and
2. Writing about how it motivated you.
Alongside, you may add your journey to your goal that was kindled by the book and also how it helped you achieve the goal.

How do books inspire us?

Books inspire us by
1. Citing real examples of people who achieved their life goals in adverse conditions.
2. Giving us tips and tricks to achieve what we want to.

Can reading inspire you?

Yes, reading has the ability to inspire the reader. The reader comes to know that there have been people who faced worse conditions and still came out winners. While reading, they also gather lots of techniques to achieve their desired feat. This is the power of reading. However, the underlying condition for this is, quality of the reading stuff must be exciting, positive and inspiring. Bad reading material, on the flip side, may play havoc on the reader’s ambitions and wishes.

How do you start an inspiration essay?

Before you start an inspiration essay, you must have thought well about your source of inspiration. It could be a book, a celebrity sports personality or anything or anyone from where you draw motivation.
The inspiration essay should start with a brief description of the source of inspiration. In the next few lines, state how your source of inspiration has always been leading your way like a guiding light.

How do I write about my Favourite book?

You can write about your favourite book through the following steps:
1. Describe the book: Give a gist of the book at the start, mentioning the title, author, and genre.
2. Explain the story: Give a brief synopsis of the story’s main characters, the problem, and the solution.
3. Specify the themes: Talk about the book’s individual themes—such as love, damage, companionship, or introspection—and how they changed your thoughts.
 4. What makes it your favourite? Whether it’s because of the characters close to your situations, the writing style, or the parlance, explain why this book is so important to you.

How do books help you in life?

Books help us in life by
1. Allowing us to expand our knowledge: Reading helps us find out new concepts, viewpoints, voices, and emotional effects. This widens our perspective about the things around us.
2. Enhancing analytical abilities: Reading is a great strategy to maintain mental activity and enhance abilities like concentrating, recapitulating facts, and thinking critically.
3. Boosting creativity: Books are a bridge to imagination and creativity. They enable you to visualize and perceive things beyond your daily life issues.
4. Relaxing your mind: When you read, you tend to forget about your worries and this helps you relax and unwind. Reading allows you to escape into a pleasant atmosphere.
5. Building emotional intelligence: Reading helps us understand and process different emotions. Thus we develop empathy and emotional intelligence. We develop our ability to connect to others and perceive things from many perspectives through stories and characters.