107 Offbeat Topics for Creative Writing in English [5th-12th Grades]

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Before I tell anything about topics for creative writing in English, let’s very shortly define creative writing.

Creative writing, as the name suggests, is any sort of writing that your creative senses of imagination, composition, and writing generate and express by themselves.

You have, over the years, developed some kind of understanding about the world around you. So, you can create written material to be read by the people living in this world. This is what is called creative writing.

Creative writing has its own magnanimous advantages when it comes to talent development in children.

In this article, you get topics to write about for different K-12 grades. Teachers may, if they happen to stumble upon, give these topics to their students as writing exercises.

The topics are based on various subjects. However, we have divided them grade-wise starting from 5th to 12th grades.

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Topics for Creative Writing in English for Grade 5

Creative paragraph writing topics for grade 5 are given below. Write a paragraph on any topic in about 250 words:

  1. A day of full relaxation for my busy father.
  2. My teacher praised my origami skills.
  3. Why my mother worries about me so much?
  4. Flowers in your garden you like most.
  5. An account of how you gave up a bad habit.
  6. A childhood event that you will never forget.
  7. A spider’s cobweb in my room.
  8. What do you think when you are about to sleep at night?
  9. What are your three biggest fears?
  10. Two birds are flying high in the sky. Give an account of their conversation.
  11. Teaching a nursery kid is a very difficult job.
  12. A lion is challenged by a monster elephant who claims to be the new king of the jungle.
  13. What is the importance of flowers in our life?

Creative Writing Topics for Grade 6

Write a short paragraph on each of the following creative writing topics in English:

  1. An old person we met in the train.
  2. Squirrels on the banyan tree near my house.
  3. A day when I felt ashamed
  4. When you were jealous of your sister’s outstanding performance in the examination.
  5. Travelling through a dense forest.
  6. The best advice from a teacher you have ever received.
  7. Cleaning the environment around my home – my little efforts.
  8. I have added martial arts classes to my daily routine.
  9. The effect of class tests and examinations on daily life.
  10. I promised to myself to do at least one good deed everyday.
  11. If you were to change the names of your family members, how will you do it?
  12. My frequent quarrels with elder sister.
  13. Annual prize distribution ceremony at your school.

Paragraph Writing Topics for Grade 7

Compose a short paragraph on the following topics or do as directed:

  1. Your excuses for reaching late in the school.
  2. My teacher says touching a tree everyday makes her feel happy.
  3. While cleaning an old almirah you found some objects you had forgotten about.
  4. Do you like pets? Why or why not?
  5. What did you say when you were invited on the dais after winning a famous painting competition?
  6. I was expecting my best friend to help me but she didn’t.
  7. My fears during a boat ride.
  8. First few days in the hostel.
  9. Playing for my school soccer team was a great moment for me.
  10. Write a paragraph on this: Your performance in the singing competition was not considered up to the mark.
  11. Write a poem including the words, ” If I were a butterfly …”
  12. You are watching a national level basketball match in person for the first time. Describe the experience.

Topics for Creative Writing in English for Grade 8

Write as directed:

  1. Write a poem including the words ‘home’, ‘family’, ‘friends’, ‘relations’, and ‘love’.
  2. You are into a bad habit of getting up late in the morning. Your parents have given you one month’s time to change it. Write a paragraph on how you will do it?
  3. Write a poem that contains these words: clouds, rain, wind, trees and sky.
  4. Write how you will plan your day out if you are allowed to travel to your dream city?
  5. I watched a movie recently and felt some of the scenes occurred around me everyday.
  6. Write an account of how you improved your annual result of 8th grade by 17%.
  7. Write about books by great authors that you have read.
  8. My Karate coach is a black belter.
  9. Coming back home after a long gap.
  10. Dad advised me not to study for long hours at night.
  11. A dream boosted my spirits.
  12. A pompous lady at the air port.
  13. What is your study secret to understand and retain your lessons better than others?
  14. What are the drawbacks of your physical-fitness coach?
  15. You are to advise your friend to improve her handwriting. How are you going to do it?

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Creative Writing Topics in English for Class 9

Some creative paragraph writing topics are given below. Write a paragraph on each of the following topics:

  1. Some relatives who turned up on the occasion of elder sister’s marriage were quite unknown to me.
  2. You are going to visit the small town where you lived ten years back.
  3. You happened to come across a 5 year old girl who had got lost in the big fair. How did you help her find her parents and what happened thereafter?
  4. How has the life changed for you in the course of last 5 years?
  5. What is the difference you find when you compare the food prepared by your mother to the one that is available outside?
  6. What I learned about life from the books I read?
  7. Spending the whole day indoors on a rainy Sunday.
  8. She wrote a ‘SORRY’ letter to her mother.
  9. 5 tips you want to give for keeping one’s home tidy.

10th Grade Creative Paragraph Writing Topics

Write a paragraph on the following subjects or write as directed:

  1. A noisy family in my neighbourhood.
  2. Planting at home some herbs that repel insects.
  3. An event in my life that affected me greatly.
  4. A spirited game by an underestimated team of players.
  5. The robot with the most sophisticated machinery has secretly sent a message to me. Should I obey it?
  6. Enjoying the festival I like most with my best friend.
  7. I attended in person a speech by a central minister.
  8. You lead a team of 5 that has to decorate a playground which is due to host the final match. Write how you will do it.
  9. A newly developed code takes 10 parameters as input and outputs the probability of a road accident for the concerned person. Do you believe there can be such a computer program? Why or why not?
  10. How will you educate your father on striking a balance between work life and personal life?

Creative Writing Topics for Grade 11

Write as directed:

  1. Write a poem on the national flag mentioning and praising the meaning of its colors.
  2. I stopped the car near a lonely hut. It rained incessantly. I knocked on the door … (Complete the story)
  3. Arranging a package tour to Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh for the entire class was a big challenge. Write an account.
  4. Write how are you planning your life after 25.
  5. At that hour of night, the house was wide open and very costly jewellery lay everywhere on the floor …. (Complete the story)
  6. I happened to meet an old friend on Facebook. Give a description.
  7. Courage is the most precious possession of an individual. Justify.
  8. Write an account of your attempts to learn swimming that did not materialize.
  9. Write about the days when people wrote lots of letters and sent greeting cards.
  10. You get an opportunity to share the stage with a celebrity of the silver screen. Write a speech for the occasion.
  11. The magician threw the burning log of wood towards the statue. There was a loud scream. Develop this into a story.

Topics for Creative Writing for Grade 12

  1. A road rage case results in chaos on the street.
  2. Journey to a hospital in an ambulance during the pandemic break out.
  3. Some school boys rescue a girl from kidnappers.
  4. You led an army of 50 soldiers in a war and won a post. Write your experiences.
  5. Write a paragraph on: ” A bad phase of life when one’s efforts are not converting into success.”
  6. The runners-up said that the judges of the reality show were biased. Give an account of the grand finale where it happened.
  7. Your fiancée tells you how her parents quarrel everyday. How will you write a letter to them in order that they stop quarreling.
  8. Drinking water condition is not good in a reputed hospital. Compose a short play that gives a message.
  9. Give an account of an inexplicable, mysterious observation of yours that can have hugely destructive implications.
  10. Four bank robbers are trying to rob a bank and have taken many people as hostages. An intelligent police officer tackles the situation very well and rescues the hostages. Write a short story on the topic.
  11. A forgetful husband comes home with lots of gifts and sweats and wishes his better half a happy wedding anniversary only to hear from the wife that the anniversary will commence after two days. Write a comic story.
  12. Compose three quotes of your own, one each on diligence, patriotism, and faith. Explain the meanings of the quotes in brief.

Some Story Writing Prompts

Write a short story with the help of each of the following prompts:

  1. Christopher was suffering from a mysterious ailment. He was admitted to a hospital and got released after a month. Though he is back, something has changed about him.
  2. I will be accompanying my forest ranger uncle to his house deep inside the forest. I have a hidden agenda.
  3. For the last few days Berk has been hearing some strange sounds. Why don’t others hear these sounds?
  4. Dhruv saw a strange animal that had four eyes. He tries to convince others but nobody believes him.
  5. Only the sick father, suffering from dementia knew about the hidden wealth. However, he has forgotten everything now. What do the evil sons do?
  6. A Chinese tycoon owns an invincible submarine, made of a special kind of glass that is unbreakable and , undamageable – only until it confronts Balaenoptera musculus, the biggest blue whale – the undisputed queen of the oceans!
  7. A school teacher bets with a village head on sleeping alone in a haunted house quite alone.
  8. A magician understands birds’ language. He happens to hear a conversation between two birds and comes across an information that could save the city from an imminent storm.
  9. A kind person saves a poor boy from becoming a prisoner. When the boy grows up, he becomes a gangster. One day he meets the kind man…
  10. When Dora reaches the river bank, she is shocked to see a chaotic situation. The water in the river is rising high and is about to cross the danger level. Perhaps she can do something.
  11. When Diana rides her new bike, she perceives someone sitting behind her. One day when she was about to meet with an accident, she heard a voice that cautioned her to move left. Miraculously, she escaped the accident. What happens next?
  12. I received an anonymous letter saying my ex was in danger. I was invited to a crowded restaurant where most people wore masks. Should I go?

Your Turn

Writing gives you joy. Creativity added to it, gives you more joy. Plus, it’s of academic interest. In addition, it develops children’s intelligence and imagination. There are so many pluses (+s) you won’t be able to count.

So, if you are a teacher, take the benefit of these freely available offbeat topics. Choose any of these and test your students’ writing skills.

If you are a student, the treasure lies here for you. All the topics are yours. Enjoy writing. More writing topics are available You may have a look on these paragraph writing topics here . If you want some tips to write a story you may read this: Write goosebumps stories


What are good topics for creative writing?

If you are a beginner, you can follow the route of ‘write what you know’. This is an easily-actionable way to awaken your creative senses.
The main problem that beginner writers of English language, or any language for that matter, face is they cannot find topics for creative writing.
‘Write what you know’ focuses on the knowledge, beliefs and perceptions that you have already gathered by now.
Travel down the memory lane and pick up an event. It could be anything. How mom took you to morning jogging sessions, how dad taught you to play hockey or whatever you can recapitulate.
Just every memory, every thought and every belief, serves as a topic to write about.
The following are a few handpicked prompts which high school children often choose:
1. When I went to the high school.
2. Mom allowed me to go to the theatre and watch a movie all by myself.
3. I enjoyed a magic show in my school yesterday.
4. Elder brother had been admitted to the hostel school. I was all alone at home and looked out of the window dismally.
5. I won silver medal in the state level junior swimming championship.
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What is 1 example of creative writing?

Writing flash fiction is a modern example of creative writing.
Flash fiction means a comparatively shorter short story. As the name suggests, it could be very short and end in a flash.
Here, the writer has to be very creative as he has fewer words and events to create a conclusion.
There is no hard and fast limit to the number of words, yet it is quite understandable that you can’t go for things like a beginning, a middle and the end.
In a nutshell, the very challenge of producing a shocking end with very few words in your quiver, is what makes the art of writing flash fiction a unique element of the creative writing field.

What are the 5 types of writing creative?

Though there can be unlimited forms of creative writing, some of the forms that require one to be truly creative are:
1. Haiku
2. Science Fiction
3. Stories for kids
4. Movie script writing
5. Plays