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Essay on a visit to a book fair in 100 words is one of those topics which students enjoy writing about. Be it a matter of writing a report, paragraph or an essay on the subject, students are eager to write because it’s an experience they have in fact lived.

Questions on the topic are asked in various formats. As such, the material has been prepared to enable students write efficient answers to questions of any difficulty level and thus score good marks.

Here you get to read examples of ‘a visit to a book fair essay’ in 10 lines, 100 words and also 200 and 300 word formats. Moreover, download links are also available.

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A Visit to a Book Fair Essay – 10 Lines

  1. Last month, all students of our class, accompanied by our class teacher, visited the ‘World Book Fair’ at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. 
  2.  It was a huge book fair housing hundreds of thousands of books in  more than 500 stalls.
  3.  There were various kinds of books- children’s books, comics, novels, encyclopedias, travelogues and what not!
  4.  There was a separate section for kids’ and teens’ books alone.
  5. We bought  many comics and story books from those stalls.
  6.  I saw many book-lovers so absorbed in books that they didn’t know what was going around them.
  7.  Many celebrities were also visiting the book fair.
  8. On one side of the book fair there were hotels and stalls for refreshment.
  9. I happened to see and have a quick glance of many books I had fancied to see all along.
  10. Overall, it was a great experience watching the word book fair.

Important Note: The above essay is of about 150 words. So, if you are asked to write an essay on a visit to a book fair [150 words ], it may be helpful. You may also refer to this essay if you are asked to compose a visit to a book fair paragraph.

A Visit to a Book Fair Essay – 100 Words

Book fairs are organized for those who love books. It is not a festival or celebration but people love them more than festivals and celebrations.

Book fairs are centers of attraction because of the variety of books they display. Book-lovers throng these fairs in millions to see, buy and read books.

In a book fair, we come across comics, novels, magazines, encyclopedias, dictionaries and all other format of books.

I visited a book fair last week. The most attractive stalls for me were those which contained books on the mysteries of the universe. I also came across books on our Vedas, Upanishads and other scriptures.

Overall, it was a great experience watching the book fair.

essay on a visit to a book fair
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A Visit to a Book Fair Essay – 300 Words

When our teacher informed us that we were scheduled to visit a book fair at Pragati Maidan, we were all very excited. When the day of the visit arrived, all students gathered near the library of our school as pre-decided.

Three teachers were also going to accompany us. When all the students had arrived, a total of 64 students and 3 teachers in three buses set out to visit the book fair. We reached the book fair at Pragati Maidan at around 11:30 A.M.

When we reached there, what we saw left our eyes wide open. Pragati Maidan, filled with hundreds of thousands of colorful books looked so amazing that it was difficult for us to even imagine it. As many book lovers had gathered in the fair as there were books.

There were all kinds of books in the book fair. Some bookstalls had only novels, some had children’s books. The shops of film magazines, comics and other story books had a separate department. A large number of children were flipping through books. In a bookstall, I saw four book lovers discussing something and pointing to a picture in a book.

Some people were so engrossed in reading books that they had no idea about what was happening around them. A short distance away from the books’ stalls, there were also hotels with various delicious dishes. There was a lot of crowd there too. Apart from this, there was also a section in the book fair where you could seek help about any book you wanted.

Overall, it was a great experience watching the book fair. I would say, if you have never been to a book fair, you must try it once and I bet it would be an experience of a lifetime.

Important Note: A visit to a book fair essay 200 words or 250 words can be derived from the 300-word essay by restricting the details slightly.

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Tips To Write an Essay On A Visit To A Book Fair [ 200 Words ]

Whenever you want to write a report, a paragraph or an essay on a visit to a book fair, you need to unfold your piece with the following points:

  1. First, write about the decision to visit the fair. That is, who decided about it or how you came to know about the decision.
  2. Next, mention the venue and the conveyance by which you reached the venue.
  3. Afte this, give a cursory glance of the spot where the book fair was being held.
  4. Now, provide a short account of the book stalls, the books being displayed and sold at the book fair and the book-lovers who are thronging over there.
  5. Lastly, conclude your own experience of the fair and mention why one should visit the same.

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