How to Write a Paragraph on Discipline in About 80 Words

Have you ever scored 10/10 in writing a paragraph about something? If not yet, you’ll soon be scoring full marks in this format of writing.

You’ll learn by examples how to write a paragraph on discipline in about 80 words and also 150 words.

In addition, we shall recapitulate a method of essay writing that was discussed in the article Essays for UPSC Examination. Thereafter, a part of the method discussed there will be applied to develop a short essay on importance of discipline in life.

Question 1.

Write a paragraph on discipline in about 80 words.


A paragraph on discipline [80 words]

Whenever we across the word ‘discipline’, we are surrounded by scepticism that it is something that binds our life in chains. However, the reality is just opposite. Discipline helps us in improving life and making it worth in every way. Discipline is a set of ethical conducts and behaviours which when incorporated regularly in our daily life, increases our hope for all-round development. Discipline actually consists of elements like proper use of time, good conduct towards people, inclusion of good habits in daily life, striving for good health etc.

Question 2.


A paragraph on discipline [150 words]

We all know about the extreme importance of discipline in life. But what discipline, in fact, is? Rearing good habits in daily life and following good traits of health, wealth and character together constitute discipline. Is there a defined time to incorporate discipline in life? Though childhood is the best time to start following a disciplined life, still many of us do not get the proper advice to do so at an early stage in life. However, one should start incorporating discipline in life as soon as one becomes aware of it. When we apply discipline in all walks of life, our dreams start getting fulfilled. For example, if some one begins to get up early every morning, she or he gets an extra chunk of time to do something which hitherto was not being done. Similarly, life unfolds many other merits when discipline plays its role.

Asking Questions to Write a Paragraph or an Essay

Here is the afore mentioned method that consists in asking questions.

When you are given a topic and asked to write a short paragraph or an essay on the same, start by asking questions to yourself. There will be no dearth of material and you will find that you have lot of it to put on paper.

For example, to develop a short essay on discipline,

You may ask, to begin with,

  1. What is discipline?
  2. What is the meaning of discipline?
  3. What is discipline constituted of?
  4. What will happen if no one follows discipline?

Next, brainstorm and ask more questions:

  1. How can we follow discipline in daily life?
  2. How do I believe that discipline is beneficial to me?
  3. How can we discover those aspects of life where we are not disciplined?
  4. How can I make my friends follow discipline at school?

Similarly create more questions starting with when, where, which, whom etc.

  1. When is the right time parents should start integrating discipline in their children’s life?
  2. When is the right time to study, take lunch and dinner, go to bed and awake in the morning?
  3. Where can we start learning to discipline ourselves?
  4. Where can I find the ideal traits of discipline?
  5. Whom should I look forward to for teaching discipline to me?
  6. Which factors in life gain most with discipline?
  7. Which aspects of discipline are most important?

Once you have lots of questions, your job becomes easy. Pick up questions in accordance with the format of the question paper and answer the questions as efficiently as you can.

As an application of the above method, I shall solve a question below by picking up questions from above and answering them:


Write 10 lines on importance of discipline in life.


10 lines on the importance of discipline in life

  1. Discipline is a set of traits which when followed properly, enhances one’s chances of living a healthy, ethical and prosperous life.
  2. Perhaps, most of us know more or less about discipline in daily life but only a few follow the traits of discipline and they are the ones who achieve real success in life.
  3. Discipline consists in following right and proper guidance by parents, teachers, mentors etc. in the matters of character formation, healthy living and development of the right economic behaviour.   
  4. The most basic application of discipline starts at home – for example, rising early in the morning, doing workouts, taking a balanced diet, respecting elders, taking early dinner and going to bed at right time.
  5. The results of applying self-discipline in daily life start appearing soon in the form of our little achievements towards health, wealth and character.
  6. To apply self-discipline, one may jot down the areas where discipline is not being followed and try to improve those areas.
  7. We can discover the traits of discipline in the teachings of our mentors, books by great authors and by self-introspection.
  8. Whenever some one is in dilemma regarding a question about self-discipline, he or she should request parents, mentors or friends for guidance.
  9. The benefits of discipline are not confined to self, they also benefit the other people around as they also tend to imitate an ideal person.
  10. As discipline helps build a sound character, the world around you becomes more ethical and so, more beautiful.

Note: I picked questions from the above and answered them to write these 10 lines on discipline.

Developing an essay on discipline

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